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Celebrate 420 with Tahoe Harvest Collection

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for 420 lovers! We know everyone in the North Lake Tahoe region is searching for the 420 specials close to home, and Tahoe Harvest Collection has the best 420 weed deals in Truckee and the surrounding towns.

Every year toward the end of April, cannabis lovers prepare to consume more than average, and 420 discounts come alive! Many clients are picking up supplies at Tahoe Harvest Collection for their 420 celebrations or stocking up while prices are low. Check out this breakdown of some of our finest products and best 420 weed deals available for this year’s 420 festivities!

Cannabis Flower

It’s hard to choose a favorite 420 strains when there are so many great options like the Grape Zkittles for those who want an Indica to relax and the Orange Tree for those who want to wake up and be creative. Both products come from Green Line and offer a powerful punch even in small amounts. THC prides itself on providing a huge selection of cannabis flower to fit every client’s needs.


Pre-rolls are a great option for people looking for a quick and easy way to consume what they buy. We’ve heard dope reviews of the Hylyfe X Trixx from Artisan Canna Cigars. Instead of rolling into a friend’s house with wine or dessert, try bringing one of these to share before dinner. Or after dinner. Or both!

Vape Cartridges

If vaping cartridges is your cannabis consumption method of choice, Stiizy cartridges are this year’s must-try. Stiiizy does a great job of balancing incredibly deep effects and tasty, natural flavors. Kush Sorbet is a strong Indica that will help you mellow and relax. The Blueberry Lemon Haze cartridge from Dime is an excellent choice when gearing up for an activity.

420 Specials Every Day

If you are looking for the best, most potent high, concentrates will get you there. Make sure you have all the right equipment. If you don’t, THC can hook you up. Do-Si-Dos Live Resin Sauce from Almora provides a deep mellow calm while the Acai Berry Live Resin Diamonds from Stiiizy will have you pondering deep thoughts. No matter what effects you crave, a concentrate is your shortest route.

Cannabis for Non-Smokers

Nonsmokers can enjoy 420 with a big selection of cannabis products that don’t require smoking or vaping. Tinctures like The Remedy 1:1 and Elderberry Elixir from OM Edibles offer an easy, safe way to experience the effects of marijuana without smoking.

Cannabis drinks are a tasty way to consume cannabis if you need something sweet or tart to hide the medicinal flavor. We have Cannabis Quenchers Lemonades in a variety of different flavors like Hybrid Strawberry and Raspberry Hibiscus, as well as Rebel Coast sparkling cannabis-infused beverages in both flat and sparkling varieties.

Gummies are another popular smokeless option in flavors like Mango, Mixed Berry and Sour Smash. And the ever-popular cannabis chocolate is always a hit, like this Sugar Free Dark Chocolate NUG Bar.

Topical 420 Favorites

Many people who try cannabis are looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals to relieve pain. To those, we suggest starting small with a cannabis topical. If you’re already using a lotion or cream to help with sore muscles, arthritis or inflammation, try one of our CBD and THC-infused topicals. Muscle Freeze from Mary’s Medicinals remains one of the best-selling cannabis topicals. Try Arnica Pain Relief Bath Salt and Lion Balm Topical Rub On for yourself. They also make great gifts!

THC Schwag & More

Our clients become loyal fans because THC consistently offers the very best products from quality local growers and suppliers. We do the research so you can feel confident in everything you purchase from THC. Show your love for THC with a Lake Logo Hoodie or Sticker.

One of the ways we show our love is with our THC very popular $1 bonuses:

  • Buy an artisan canna pre-roll and get a 420 pre-roll for $1
  • Buy 2 eighths of Chemist and get an eighth of Slow Lane from Connected for $1
  • Buy an eighth of Fig Farms and get 1g of Figment for $1
  • Visit the THC menu to see the rest of the $1 bonuses

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a premium licensed cannabis service based in Truckee, Calif. We accept orders 24/7 online and deliver daily in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas from 11 AM to 8 PM. We have a huge stock of cannabis products for all of your 420 needs. Visit the Menu for delivery area details and to start shopping!

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer all your 420 specials questions and help you find the perfect cannabis product — without ever leaving your home. Tahoe Harvest Collection delivers everything 420, including cannabis products, seeds and smoking hardware in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe.

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