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8 Best Weed Accessories & Gadgets to Elevate Your Smoke Sesh

Are you ready to elevate your smoke sesh? The amount of available stuff for stoners is incredible — there is literally something for everyone. Options for weed gadgets are abundant and accessible at the click of a finger, whether you smoke or vape. And the possibilities for cannabis accessibility on the road are even more classy, portable and smell-proof than ever before. With so much stuff for stoners — from upgraded rolling papers, smell-proof carrying cases, and sophisticated vape devices — finding the best weed accessories can feel like leaving a smoke box. But believe it or not, there are weed gadgets and stoner essentials for every occasion: traveling, enjoying at home, in the great outdoors, the next social event and more.

At Tahoe Harvest Collection, we deliver your favorite cannabis products to your door in the Truckee and North Lake Tahoe area. We offer an assortment of vape pens, cannabis spoons and hammers, plus The Get-A-Way Kit we have filled with flower, rolling papers, a glass spoon and more. But we’ve also curated a list of stoner essentials you can order online and get delivered to your door anywhere in the United States (see vendor websites for specific details). Check out these eight classy weed accessories and elevate your cannabis collection with stuff for stoners!

  1. The grinder is key to an elevated collection.

When it comes to flower, a grinder is critical for consistency and making your bud last. Purchase the Cali Crusher OG Grinder online. You’ll enjoy this four-piece grinder for its non-stick ceramic coating, making for a smooth grind and leaving your buds perfectly blended and fluffy.

  1. Don’t let a squished joint kill your buzz.

Never squish, bend or ruin another joint again with this stoner essential — the Carry Case Keychain. This small golden smell-proof case is designed for your joint or vape cartridges. It closes seamlessly and attaches to your keychain. Never again lose a jay or break a vape pen when switching from your daytime to nighttime strain. (Admittedly, we just ordered two.) 

  1. Say “No” to boring (bleached?!) white rolling papers!

Bored with regular white rolling papers? Talk about classy weed accessories in your stoner collection. These fun, art-inspired hemp organic papers are almost too beautiful to smoke. These eclectic prints can be bought online in one design, or check out the Magic Box Papers Gift Set in a box set of 10 and available in dozens of vibrant designs.

  1. A one-hitter is one of the must-have stoner essentials.

We all remember the days of the bat. Maybe you still use the classic cigarette look-alike, possibly paired with the wooden box? It’s tried and true, but there’s no hard in upping your stoner game. The Helix is a portable weed gadget and one of the best weed accessories upgrades you can make. This unbreakable one-hitter is quick, straightforward and easy to use. The Helix, really any of the Vessel pens, is discrete and fits in your pocket, ready for any adventure. 

  1. Weed gadgets don’t get simpler than the PuffCo Peak.

Ready to upgrade your dab hits? Finding classy accessories is as easy as the click of your finger. The PuffCo Peak is probably the classiest weed accessory to have in your collection. Simpler than the dab ring and blowtorch, easier to bring around, easier to clean, load and heat. This handy device is ready to use in 20 seconds and has a full charge in two hours. Plus, it’s small enough to carry in your pocket or bag.

  1. Level up your traveling water pipe.

Why use a silicone bong when you can up your game and travel with a ceramic water pipe? Bongs were stoner essentials at one time, and if this is still your go-to method, you should check out this sleek, handcrafted ceramic bong by Ryot. It’s durable, provides a smooth pull, and small enough to fit in your bag to take with you.

  1. The ashtray with dual uses when discretion is needed.

Don’t let your ashtray be an eyesore. YewYew has upleveled the ashtray game with this classy weed accessory, a unique glass ashtray that can also pass for a key holder or artwork for your unsuspecting guests. This glass ashtray is a conversation starter, deep to prevent ash overflow, and is easy to keep clean.

  1. Don’t forget a reliable storage container.

A collection of stoner essentials wouldn’t be complete without a storage container. But not just any storage container — the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage container — the CVault. CVault storage containers are made with 304 food-grade stainless steel and powered by Boveda’s two-way humidity control pak. We personally like the CVault “twist” for on-the-go use and discretion. CVault “twist” design features include new 3-nub locking system and redesigned pack holder. Portable, sleek and built for adventure.

Did we miss one of the best weed accessories? Comment below with your favorite classy weed accessories and stuff for stoners! And don’t forget, when you need weed in the Truckee and North Lake Tahoe area, you need THC delivery!

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