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A Guide to the Best Weed Podcasts

With the summer months now upon us, you might be looking for new content to spice up the warmest months of the year, whether you’re road tripping, soaking up the sun, or shuttling your kids to and from activities. We suggest expanding your mind with a cannabis podcast — or 10! We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of 10 top weed podcasts to keep you entertained and even educated on those summer nights!

Top 10 Best Weed Podcasts of the Moment

  1. For the Cannabis History Buff: Great Moments in Weed History

Perhaps the best weed podcast you can find that combines cannabis and history, “Great Moments in Weed History” takes listeners on the 10,000-plus history of humanity and cannabis, shining a light on the importance of our relationship with the plant. 

  1. For Those Looking for a Weed Growing Podcast: Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

If you’re looking for a weed growing podcast that combines cannabis cultivation and science, you can’t beat the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast. The podcast interviews top experts in the field to bring listeners first-hand knowledge about the cultivation side of the industry.

  1. For the Trend Setters and Followers: CannaInsider

The cannabis podcast that covers a little of everything, CannaInsider is a solid place to learn about everything up and coming in the cannabis industry. They cover topics like how to safely invest in the cannabis industry, new job creation as a result of industry growth and general industry happenings.

  1. For the Foodie: In The Weeds With Chef Jordan Wagman

The best weed podcast for the foodie in your life, “In The Weed With Chef Jordan Wagman” explores food and cannabis and hosts culinary cannabis experts to discuss their talents and creations. Even if you aren’t big into cooking, this podcast is fun and provides listeners a unique perspective into the world of cannabis culinary art.

  1. For the Investor-Types: The Cannabis Investing Podcast

A fantastic cannabis podcast that suggests how to invest in cannabis companies and diversify your cannabis portfolio, this is a great listen for anyone interested in cannabis investing. Learning how to invest in cannabis can be intimidating, but “The Cannabis Investing Podcast” aims to make it a little less scary. It is informative and entertaining.

  1. For the Canna-curious: How to Do the Pot

“How to Do the Pot” is the perfect podcast for the people in your life who haven’t fully immersed themselves in the cannabis industry yet, but have shown some interest in cannabis. Broken down into short and simple episodes, this just might be the best weed podcast for the canna-curious. 

  1. For the CannaMoms: Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Blunt Blowin’ Mama sheds light on destigmatizing parents who use cannabis, plus seeks to amplify the voices of BIWOC cannabis business owners and individuals. This podcast is so inspiring and is a great listen regardless of parental status.

  1. For the Cannabis Entrepreneur: Green Entreprenuer

We have all heard the stories (and can probably relate) about people leaving the “comfort” of their jobs to start ventures in the cannabis space — and never looking back. “Green Entrepreneur” shares the stories of these individuals, discusses the constant innovation of the industry and advises how you can be a part of it. This podcast is a great listen to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. For the Female Cannabis Business Owner: Women Leading in Cannabis

Women Leading in Cannabis hosts a different female business leader on the podcast each week, and it sheds light on the struggles and victories of being a woman business owner within the cannabis space. The podcast features guests from some of the leading brands in the cannabis industry. Informative and inspiring.

  1. For Those Ready to Learn About the Business of Cannabis: Shaping Fire

“Shaping Fire” is an OG cannabis podcast that covers a multitude of topics. Not only do they discuss the business of cannabis, but also things like responsible cultivation, extraction methods and social media advertising for cannabis businesses. “Shaping Fire” is a great one-stop shop if you’re looking to broaden your general knowledge on the canna industry. 

Cannabis History, Weed Growing & More

Sample our list of top 10 best weed podcasts and comment below with your thoughts. Warning! Shameless self-promotion: the CannaCon podcast is pretty fantastic too! Information, opinions and more. New episodes coming soon. Happy listening!

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