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legal california cannabis market

The Importance of Purchasing Legal Cannabis Products in California

With the recent crackdown on illegal cannabis grows in California, it’s more important than ever for regulated California cannabis to be a priority. The state has spent years not only working to legalize cannabis but to also build up the California legal cannabis market. Consumers are always encouraged to purchase California legal weed instead of products grown illegally. As a regulated California dispensary, Tahoe Harvest Collection works to provide customers with high-quality, premium curated legal products. 

Regulated California Cannabis 

The purpose of a regulated market is to ensure consistency and safety across many different mediums. California legal weed is regulated to ensure that consumers get consistent products that include only what they are supposed to. This means no unregulated ingredients in things like tinctures and edibles, and only regulated growing methods for flower and other cannabis products. 

When purchasing from an illegal grow operation or in an unregulated market, consumers are at risk of ingredients that can be extremely harmful. Without regulations, growers are free to use any growing methods and any ingredients in all of the products that they offer. 

By purchasing from a legitimate cannabis source, you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what you’ve paid for: a regulated cannabis product. 

Support Legitimate Growers 

Many companies in the California legal cannabis market are small businesses. And, let’s be real, who doesn’t love supporting a small business? Not only is this a way to bring more economic life to your community but it’s also a way to support members of the community who are just like you. When you choose a regulated dispensary selling only legitimately grown cannabis products, you put money in the hands of people who are doing things the right way in the cannabis industry instead of those who are skirting the rules. 

While this may not seem like much, especially if you feel you’re getting illegally grown cannabis products at a lower price, it can make a huge difference in your community. By supporting small businesses like dispensaries who in turn support other small community businesses like growers, your community can see revitalization and growth: two of the biggest positive points of a legal cannabis market. 

A Legal Market for All 

There are many states that have an extremely limited legal cannabis market or no market at all. While we have the opportunity to live in a state that has a legal market, it’s important to maintain that legality. Similar to how laws were passed to legalize California cannabis, laws can be passed to once again prohibit it. In the simplest of terms, following the laws when it comes to cannabis is the easiest way to help keep California cannabis legal. The legal market (and opportunities for legitimate business owners to continue operating) will have a better chance at survival when consumers support those legitimate businesses. 

Better Overall Experience 

When purchasing from illegal grow operations or dispensaries that support these operations, it can ruin your experience. Buying cannabis should be enjoyable and having to skirt the law to purchase your products should be a thing of the past. When you support legal dispensaries that offer high-quality products grown legally, you’ll enjoy a simple process that makes buying weed easy. 

At Tahoe Harvest Collection, we offer an assortment of legally-grown cannabis in our Tahoe dispensary. Not only are our cannabis products legally grown and offered through a legitimate business, but we make the experience that much better with our delivery service. Shop for your favorite cannabis products and have them delivered right to your door! 

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