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Boca California Cannabis

Situated in Nevada County right off Hwy 80, a mere six miles northeast of Truckee and only 27 miles from Reno, lies the picturesque town of Boca, California. Derived from the Spanish word for “mouth,” as it is located at the mouth of the Little Truckee River, Boca made a name for itself way back in 1876 as the location of where the first California lager was brewed. You can still enjoy a refreshing adult beverage in Boca — but even better, you can also enjoy legalized recreational cannabis in Boca California. But whether you call it your home or are just visiting to enjoy all the recreational opportunities it affords, who wants to waste time driving all around looking for a Boca dispensary? Um, no one.

Luckily, you don’t have to — because when you want cannabis in Boca CA, it can be delivered to you by placing an order with Tahoe Harvest Collection, the best Boca dispensary without question. Whatever you want, THC delivers, in both quality and service. Whether you are looking for flower, vape, pre-rolls, concentrates or edibles, THC has a wide selection of premium products at rock bottom prices. This family partnership has made it their mission to stand out from the crowd by being a “dispensary on wheels” that offers same-day delivery seven days a week and customer service that can’t be beat.

Whether you order from the comfort of your own home or your vacation digs, satisfaction is only a few mouse clicks away. Remember Tahoe Harvest Collection for all your medicinal and recreational marijuana needs.

boca dispensary ca | cannabis in boca california | boca reservoir fishing | boca reservoir hidden beach | boca reservoir hiking trails

Cannabis Flower in Boca California

As long-time North Lake Tahoe residents, the father and son team at Tahoe Harvest Collection knows there’s no other place quite like it in all the world. They also know the healing powers of cannabis through their own experience. Their expertise allows them to not only guide you to the perfect strain for whatever your need, but to also provide the best locally produced flower the region has to offer.

With an ever-evolving menu that includes tasty buds from names like Almora, Up North and Mr. Zips, you can feel good knowing you’re not only getting the best weed around but you’re also supporting local farmers and producers. Indica, Sativa or Hybrid — remember THC for your THC.

Cannabis Vape in Boca California

The Boca Reservoir is open all year round. You can’t find a more breathtakingly beautiful spot to enjoy the great outdoors. Nothing enhances that fantastic Boca Reservoir fishing, boating, hiking or camping like a good clean high — but who wants to have to worry about remembering a lighter? That’s why many turn to vaping.

Tahoe Harvest Collection, your Boca dispensary on wheels, can hook you up with the best cannabis vape around. With straight THC, or combo THC/CBD cartridges from heavy-hitters like Sherbinskis and Dime Industries, or full starter or advanced kits from Stiiizy, you can get all the flavors you want and the convenience you need. Great vape at great prices from the retailer you can trust to always bring the best right to your door — Tahoe Harvest Collection.

boca dispensary ca | cannabis in boca california | boca reservoir fishing | boca reservoir hidden beach | boca reservoir hiking trails

Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Boca California

Whether you’re enjoying the peaceful beauty of a Boca Reservoir hidden beach, or making your way up one of the scenic Boca Reservoir hiking trails, or spending the day at the Boca Reservoir fishing for trout, pre-rolls are a perfect way to take the euphoria with you wherever you go.

For the best area pre-rolls delivered lickety-split, all it takes is an order from Tahoe Harvest Collection. A few simple clicks and you can mix-n-match singles or get a five-pack of your fave from makers like Fig Farms, Lift Tickets or Mendo.

Quality. Convenience. Variety. Value. When you want pre-rolled cannabis in Boca California, you can count on your friends at Tahoe Harvest Collection.

Cannabis Edibles in Boca California

Boca is popular with locals and tourists alike for the pine-scented air you can breathe, the Sierra Mountains you can admire, and the Boca Reservoir Hidden Beach. Whether you like to jet ski, water ski, kayak or swim, Boca is full of great spots where you can free your mind and relax your soul.

Just remember to stay hydrated and bring along plenty of snacks. The best kind? The cannabis-infused edibles and beverages from Tahoe Harvest Collection. You can stock up in advance or have them delivered mid-adventure. Enjoy tasty treats like gummies, cookies, chocolates and lemonades — all with the quality you expect and so much taste it will blow your mind.

Not sure what to choose? Tahoe Harvest Collection has your back — with the best budtenders around to help guide and advise. Tahoe Harvest Collection has all the yums.

Cannabis Concentrate in Boca California

Badder. Cured Sugar. Shatter. Live Sauce. When you want to fly high, you want cannabis concentrate. When you want cannabis concentrate, you want Tahoe Harvest Collection. Whether you are planning to make your way up one of the local favorite Boca Reservoir hiking trails or do nothing more than Netflix & Chill, you can have Phinest, Kali Gold and Highlights delivered.

Click, click, click — and THC is on its way. Tahoe Harvest Collection has just what you need for any Boca Reservoir fishing activities, hiking trails and hidden beach fun when you need it. No need to wait — get some, like, now.

Tahoe Harvest Collection is your dispensary on wheels for whenever you need cannabis in Boca CA. With super-speedy delivery seven days a week, and a generous rewards program for loyal returning customers, there’s no need to go anywhere else. It’s easy to remember: Tahoe Harvest Collection — THC — for all your THC.