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Cannabis Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

Whether you live in Carnelian Bay or you’re just here for a visit, you might be finding yourself searching for the best cannabis. At Tahoe Harvest Collection, we provide cannabis to Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood residents and visitors alike. As a Tahoe dispensary, Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood are areas that we can serve! We’re excited to provide you with the biggest selection of cannabis products delivered right to your door!

Flower Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

There’s nothing quite like the traditional experience of smoking cannabis flower. Customers love our selection of flower products that they can light up in their favorite bowl or bong. With a grinder, our cannabis flower also works great in a perfectly rolled joint or blunt. We use our experience to curate the best products and strains so we can give our customers the best of the best. Place your order online at any time and have your cannabis flower delivered right to your home (or home away from home)!

 Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood cannabis

Pre-Rolls in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

When you want to sit back and relax with your favorite couch glue straining, having to roll your own blunt can literally feel like the biggest task in the world (and, yes, that was a bit dramatic). But, why hassle with RYO when you can purchase pre-rolls ready to smoke from Tahoe Harvest Collection. Everyone knows the best cannabis pre-rolls come right from THC – your fave Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood dispensary. We’ve always got what you want – on tap. Shop our selection of pre-rolls and try something new!

weed in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood marijuana dispensary

Edibles in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

Whether you’re new to trying out cannabis products or you’re an old pro, everyone loves a good gummy. Our cannabis edibles are made from the highest quality ingredients and will satisfy your sweet tooth and your crave for a nice, mellow high at the same time. Get excited because our cannabis edibles are so easy to get! Residents and visitors love to use our Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood dispensary because of just how easy it is to have their fave edibles delivered.

Vape in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

Looking for the quickest, most bioavailable way to get your hit of weed? A vape’ll do it! Anyone who’s tried cannabis vapes know that they’re convenient and easy to use while also offering you a pleasant smoking experience. Never have to worry again with lighters, smoke smell or anything else when you switch over to vaping. Even if you’re not ready to make the switch permanently, adding a vape to your smoke routine is a great way to change things up! At Tahoe Harvest Collection, you’ll find not only vape juice but also everything you need to get started.

marijuana dispensary in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

Topicals in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

A favorite of beginners, cannabis topicals offer a way to enjoy all the amazing benefits of the products without any of the hassle that comes with eating or smoking. Topicals are easy to apply, can be used in most external areas of the body and many people find great results with them. Browse our amazing selection of topical creams and lotions that can help you start seeing the benefits you want from cannabis.

Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood cannabis

Accessories in Carnelian Bay and Ridgewood

What’s the good of having all these killer products at your disposal if you have no way to enjoy them? If you’re like us and are constantly using your bowl or lighter, we’ve got you covered. Our cannabis accessories are essential for anyone who doesn’t have something to smoke with. Shop our glass pieces and more to see that we’ve got more than just a great selection of cannabis products – we also have the accessories to back them up!