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Choosing Delivery Over Traditional Cannabis Shops in Truckee

When customers are looking for cannabis shops in Truckee, they might be wondering about the options they have. As one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Truckee, we not only offer the highest quality cannabis products but also provide delivery service. Delivery is convenient and simple for customers who just don’t want to have to leave their location to get the best cannabis products in Truckee and Lake Tahoe! Check out some of the benefits to cannabis delivery! 

Convenient to Order

Purchasing from cannabis shops in Truckee and, really, anywhere, can be pretty inconvenient. You have to leave home, travel to the dispensary, sometimes wait in line, spend time interacting with the staff, purchase your products and then head home with your weed. While it’s probably not your least favorite errand to run, it can get a little frustrating when you just want to get your products. 


When you get delivery from cannabis dispensaries in Truckee, you’ll be able to have the convenience of ordering right from our online store and getting your products right in your home. It doesn’t get more convenient than that, does it? The biggest factor you’ll have to consider is which products you really want to order and the only people you’ll have to interact with are our friendly and professional delivery staff! 

Discretion in Purchasing

Maybe you don’t want your boss to see you. Maybe you don’t want your mom to see you. Or maybe you don’t want anyone to see you purchasing your weed. While cannabis is legal in California, it still comes with a stigma and sometimes requirements that you might have to meet because of your occupation or even your lifestyle. Having to visit a dispensary can hamper your ability to be discreet. 


No matter what your reasoning behind avoiding the dispensary, getting your cannabis delivered is a discreet process and so much easier than parking your car in front of a sometimes flashy dispensary. Instead, you get to make your purchase online and it’ll be delivered right to your door with no fuss! Enjoy a discreet cannabis shopping experience with delivery! 

Better for Your Experience

What are your reasons for using cannabis products? If it’s strictly recreational, you may benefit from cannabis delivery because you won’t have to leave your house or ever have to worry about driving stoned. If you use cannabis products for a medical reason, those issues might also impede your ability to drive or even get into a store! Whether you have mobility issues or you just don’t feel like being mobile when you’ve got a great high going on, delivery solves so many problems. 

The only thing you’ll need to be capable of operating is a website! 

Easier to Remember 

How many times have you gotten home and wanted to relax only to find that your stash jar is completely empty? This is such a frustrating experience and something that we’ve all been dealing with for years. Except now, there are solutions! You could get back in your car and head to one of the cannabis shops in Truckee … or you could just hop online and order from Tahoe Harvest Collection. Not only is it more convenient to order your weed online when you’ve forgotten to re-up your stash but it’s also easier to remember in the first place. Since delivery is so convenient, you’re more likely to remember it instead of remembering to stop at a dispensary! 

Healthier for Staying at Home 

Let’s face it: we’ve all learned a thing or two about the importance of staying at home. With a world pandemic, people are hunkering down and staying in their houses. And most of us will probably carry that with us for years to come! While the pandemic was raging, delivery was one of the safest ways to get cannabis products delivered. And it’ll probably continue to be a very safe choice for anyone who simply doesn’t want to leave home. Whether you want to stay home to avoid nasty viruses, avoid having to drive or just feel better at home, you can’t go wrong with getting your cannabis delivered! 

Convinced? Yep, we knew you would be! Now that you know about all the benefits, why get your cannabis in any other way?! Convenient, easy, and one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Truckee — explore our cannabis menu now! 

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