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Try Flower and Prerolls at Tahoe Harvest Collection

It’s pretty common that once a customer finds a favorite cannabis flower brand or product, they stop trying new things. We get it. It’s hard to take a risk on a new product when you have a strain or brand you love so much. But Tahoe Harvest Collection takes great pride in sourcing the best weed in California (including marijuana prerolls), and we encourage you to explore our top-of-the line medical and recreational cannabis flower in Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

We promise we have lots of quality cannabis flower and prerolls that could be your next favorite product. Our marijuana prerolls in Lake Tahoe are a great purchase for vacations or special events when you don’t have as much time to prepare your cannabis flower for smoking.

The following products are generating a lot of buzz among our customers these days, and changing up your product is a good way to improve the effects you receive from THC. Trying a new strain or a new product like marijuana prerolls in Truckee can open up your senses to these new effects.

Prerolls Vs. Cannabis Flower in Truckee

We get a lot of customers who are adamant about buying either weed prerolls in Tahoe or cannabis flower in Truckee to roll their own or smoke with their favorite apparatus. To each his or her own, of course. But we think both have their benefits. Prerolls definitely make life easier, especially on the go. They are generally packaged in a hard plastic smell-proof tube, perfect for travelling. However, a lot of our customers enjoy the routine and independence of grinding and packing their own weed. There is no wrong answer! And even if you have a favorite, try out the other once in a while.

Check out some of the current superstars of our cannabis flower and preroll collections. Remember that all of these products, as well as everything on our site, can be ordered 24/7. We deliver cannabis flower and prerolls in Truckee and the north Lake Tahoe area, along with our other products.

Animal Style Premium Flower 5 Pack Prerolls

This five pack of prerolls from Connected California blends an Animal Cookie strain with a Gelato 41. These weed prerolls in Tahoe are great for situations when you need a well-protected product, ready to go when you are. Lie back, light one up and relax. At more than 20% THC, these are perfect for a night of letting go as they provide a nice body high as well as a sense of mental calm.

Baklava Moon Grown Flower 5 Pack Prerolls

If you’re looking for something different to send you into another dimension of relaxation, try Baklava Moon Grown prerolls from Alien Labs. At more than 24% THC, the trippy rainbow box is the mark of some of the most restorative weed around.

Strawberry Banana Infused Prerolls

Especially in summer, we get a lot of requests for cannabis flower in Lake Tahoe with fruity overtones. We offer prerolls in both strawberry and strawberry banana. A blend of cold water hash and cannabis flower, these infused prerolls have a cool, smooth feeling when being smoked. The Strawberry Banana strain is popular with smokers who want to find marijuana prerolls in Truckee and experience high levels of creativity.

Triangle Mints from Up North

When customers tell us they are looking for something with a strong flavor, Triangle Mints always comes up. This blend of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints blends two strains known for their distinctive flavors into a new favorite. Described as earthy and spicy, the complex flavor of this flower is a local favorite.

Clout Drank from Clout King

This cross between Peanut Butter Cup and Wedding Cake is an indica-lover’s dream with a THC count higher than 25%. Popular with our medical customers, Clout Drank affects the body quickly and deeply, filling every muscle with a euphoric lightness. Known for its high potency, Clout Drank is perfect for happy nights at home.

Fatso from Phinest Cannabis

If your goal is a high-THC sativa, you need to take a closer look at the Fatso flower strain from Phinest Cannabis coming in at more than 38% THC. This blend of Legend OG and GMO will rock the socks off of experienced smokers. Phinest Cannabis prides itself on using science to perfect the art of cannabis growing: Better weed through science. If you’re an artist looking to make a breakthrough, smoke this.

We Offer the Finest Cannabis Flower and Weed Prerolls in Tahoe

Visit our website to see our newest features and specials on flower and marijuana prerolls in Truckee. We are constantly updating our stock with the newest products on the market. We can help you find the right strain for your particular needs. Remember that all of our products can be delivered anywhere in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. If you are searching for cannabis flower in Truckee or Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Harvest Collection has you covered. Call us today.

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