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Finding Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in Tahoe

Back in the day, cannabis-friendly travel was limited to states like Washington and Colorado. Now, with many states around the country legalizing, cannbis-friendly hotels are easier than ever to find! A trip to Tahoe can be so much better when you find a place to toke and stay. Once you’ve found the perfect bud and breakfast in Tahoe, let us know and we’ll get your cannabis delivered right to you! 

Narrow Your Search 

When you’re looking for hotels you can smoke weed at in Tahoe, you can narrow down your search by looking for hotels that have smoking rooms. While this may not be the most pleasant experience for non-tobacco smokers, there may be a better chance of getting a hotel that allows cannabis smoking when it also allows tobacco smoking. On most hotel websites, you can set your search preferences to find out if each hotel even allows smoking inside. Keep in mind that even hotels that don’t allow smoking inside, may have areas where you can smoke (and toke) outside! 

Small Business vs. Large Chains 

Since large chains are often held to national standards, it’s much easier for them to put a blanket “no cannabis” policy instead of doing it state-by-state. This means it’ll be harder to find a cannabis-friendly hotel chain. Look for small businesses that are operating in the hospitality industry to have an easier time finding a place to smoke ‘n stay. Smaller hotels, mom ‘n’ pop operations and family-owned businesses will be your best place to start looking for accommodations! 

Checking Ahead 

Because of the demand, bud and breakfasts in Tahoe fill up fast! I mean, who wouldn’t love taking in everything that Tahoe has to offer while high? We know we do (that’s why we’re here, duh). Looking for your hotel and booking ahead is the only way to go when it comes to finding the perfect cannabis-friendly travel accommodations. 

Homeshare Sites 

When it comes to cannabis-friendly travel, homeshare sites were made to do the job! Using a home share site is a simple and easy way to find a hotel that will allow you to smoke! You can easily search for homes that will allow you to use marijuana while you’re staying there.

Smoking Out of Your Hotel 

If you’re able to find a hotel that you can smoke in, there are a few things to keep in mind. Follow these easy tips to have the best hotel smoking etiquette: 

  • Be aware of your odors: if you’re in a toke-friendly hotel, some odor will be expected, but try not to hotbox the room the entire time you’re there. 
  • Make sure you know the numbers for local cab companies or have your favorite rideshare app ready to go in case you have to go somewhere or want to pick up some munchies! 
  • Be respectful. Blowing smoke at the employee working at the front desk is probably not the best way to go. Similarly, even if it’s allowed, try to keep your smoking to a minimum in common areas. 

Smokeless Cannabis 

Some hotels might not allow you to smoke cannabis but may allow for other ways to consume it. Edibles and tinctures are a great way to get the high you’re looking for. They don’t come with any detectable odor and are a perfect option for sharing as you don’t have to worry about who’s put their lips on the joint.

Of course, if your hotel bans it altogether, you may want to stay away from even this super discreet choice of product to avoid breaking the rules. 

Get Delivery 

Now that you’ve found the perfect bud and breakfast in Tahoe, it’s time to make sure you get your weed! There’s always so much to do when you’re visiting a new place, and the last thing you want to do is have to look for a dispensary. Instead, place your order so that it will arrive at the hotel right after you do! Our drivers are safe, friendly and knowledgeable. We’re always happy to deliver to cannabis-friendly hotels and are an essential part of your cannabis-friendly travel plan! Check out all the products we have available for delivery here.

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