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Cannabis in Kings Beach

Whether you are new to the Lake Tahoe area or have been there your entire life, Kings Beach has something to offer everyone: swimmers and skiers alike. Not only are recreational activities rampant in Kings Beach, but so is recreational cannabis. Tahoe Harvest Collection, cleverly referred to as THC, is your only destination for high-quality cannabis in Kings Beach. No matter your needs for marijuana delivery in Kings Beach, the dispensary Tahoe Harvest Collection has you covered.

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Kings Beach Dispensary

While you’re visiting the banana belt of the North Shore, make sure you order your cannabis from THC – Tahoe Harvest Collection. You will find the best premium quality cannabis in all of North Lake Tahoe, all delivered right to your door. One of the finest Kings Beach cannabis dispensaries, THC offers anything you are looking for on their extensive menu.
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One of the highlights of Tahoe Harvest Collection is that we offer marijuana delivery in Kings Beach. Now, if you are in the market for any marijuana or cannabis accessories in Kings Beach, look no further than THC. Each accessory is hand-blown from Critter’s Glass. Not only are these smoking accessories one of a kind, but they’re also classic and definitely something you will want to tell and share with all of your friends.
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If you are looking for more of a concentrate, don’t worry— THC has you covered. Offering more than 50 different kinds, THC is your one-stop shop for all cannabis concentrates in Kings Beach…and you don’t even have to stop because we’ll deliver it right to you. Shop the online store and have your desired concentrated item show up at your doorstep in no time at all with the best marijuana delivery in Kings Beach.
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One of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis in Kings Beach is through edibles and THC has all of the edibles you could ever want. Boasting 60 different types of edibles, Tahoe Harvest Collection is your go to Kings Beach Dispensary. Chocolate, pretzels, gummy bears —- oh my! THC has every edible you could ever want and a few new ones to try, too! Ever had a Raspberry Hibiscus Lemonade Cannabis Quencher? Well, it is about time! Utilize THC’s marijuana delivery service throughout Kings Beach to make the process that much sweeter.
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When you need some cannabis flower after a delicious lunch at Lazano’s, look no further than Tahoe Harvest Collection. THC is the best local Kings Beach dispensary offering delivery and sourcing only the best local flower for our customers. Not sure what local flower would be best for your desired high? Our advisors are full of knowledge and ready to help you choose the best cannabis flower in Kings Beach just for you.
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Look no further than premium pre-rolls from THC if you are needing a no-fuss joint to smoke ASAP. In fact, hop onto the THC website, pick whichever pre-roll you would like and have our marijuana delivery in Kings Beach take care of you. No matter which joint you decide (or take a few — they come in multi-packs!) you can rest assured that you have chosen the best cannabis in Kings Beach. We take pride in each of our products and are happy to provide only the best to our customers.
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Seed Bank

If you are a Kings Beach native and looking to start your own stash on the side, here at Tahoe Harvest Collection, we have you covered. We offer only the highest quality seed banks around. You can guarantee that we only provide our customers with the seeds that will grow and thrive within the Kings Beach climate – as we’ve handpicked our selections. Not sure which seed will grow to produce what you are looking to experience? Call us today and one of our THC experts will gladly walk you through each seed in depth.
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Tinctures and Topicals

We understand that not everyone who is looking for cannabis in Kings Beach is looking for flowers or pre-rolls. That is why at Tahoe Harvest Company, we also offer tinctures and topicals to provide additional options for our customers. If you have been crushed by a few too many waves or hit the slopes harder than you intended and are looking for some relief, THC topicals are exactly what you need. While you relax at your resort or cottage, hop on the THC website and order the tinctures and topicals that will help bring your relaxation and healing to the next level. Take advantage of the best marijuana delivery in Kings Beach and your THC products will show up at your doorstep in no time at all!