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Olympic Valley Cannabis

Snowsports and weed go hand-in-hand. When you’re staying and skiing at resorts around the area, it’s a real pain to have to leave to get your cannabis products. When everything’s all included with your stay, what other reasons would you have to leave? Instead, get Squaw ski resort cannabis delivery right to your suite. We’ve got the best Olympic Valley weed dispensary and it’s even better because we make it more convenient for you! Check out what we offer for weed at Squaw Ski resort! Get your Olympic Valley cannabis delivery and Squaw Ski weed from Tahoe Harvest Collection! 

Cannabis Flower at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

There’s just something about smoking weed in the Olympic Valley the old fashioned way. Grinding it up, rolling it and smoking it up is a well-love ritual. Whether you enjoy it in a joint, a blunt, a bowl or whatever, you really can’t go wrong with flower! When you’re looking for cannabis flower at Squaw Ski resort or the Olympic Valley, turn to Tahoe Harvest Collection. We offer delivery to the ski resorts and can provide you with high-quality flower.
olympic valley cannabis

Cannabis Pre-Rolls at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

Need cannabis that’s a little more convenient? Leave your rolling tray and papers at home, and get your pre-rolls from Tahoe Harvest Collection. We offer cannabis pre-rolls at Squaw Ski resort and Olympic Valley to make it even more convenient for you to get your weed and hit the slopes. This takes all the hard work out of smoking. You won’t have to roll it or pick it up from the dispensary. All you’ve got to do is smoke it!
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Edibles at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

You’ve been enjoying the great outdoors all day, and it might be time for a little bit of a sugar rush! If you want to make that sugar fix even better, the best way to do it is with edible cannabis at Squaw Ski resort and Olympic Valley. Cannabis edibles are easy to use and come with the perfect amount of weed no matter what you’re looking for. They’re also perfect for discretion and are the ideal snack into pack into your snow jacket or pants. Our dispensary has many different flavorful options to choose from and we’ll bring them right to you!

Cannabis Vape at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

Vaping is an easy, effective and discreet way to get your cannabis at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley. Whether you’ve vaped before or you’re ready to try something new, add a vape product to your order to see what the hype is all about. Enjoy different flavors and options available to completely customize your vaping experience from our Olympic Valley dispensary.

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Topicals at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

Whether you’re feeling a little rough after skiing all day or you just love to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis topicals, see what we have to offer from our cannabis dispensary in Squaw Ski resort and Olympic Valley. We have a selection of topical products that you can choose from and use for many different purposes. Nobody wants to drive with sore muscles or after a long day outside so we make it easy and bring the topicals right to you.
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Cannabis Accessories at Squaw Ski and Olympic Valley

Ok, you’ve got the bud, but how are you going to smoke it? We get it: the last thing you’d remember to pack on your snow-bound getaway is a bowl. But, you definitely need something to enjoy your weed in Olympic Valley. No worries, though! We’ve got you covered with cannabis accessories! Whether you need a tidy little bowl, a battery for your vape or a bong to enjoy with your friends, we’ve got them! Make sure to check out our accessories selection before placing your order for cannabis delivery in Olympic Valley and Squaw Ski resort so you don’t get stuck smoking out of an apple that you grabbed from the front desk fruit selection.