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Tahoe City Cannabis

When looking to have premium cannabis delivered right to your door in Tahoe City, think THC – Tahoe Harvest Collection. Tahoe Harvest Collection has an extensive variety of high-quality cannabis products at the very best prices, and convenient delivery available seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can place your order for Tahoe City marijuana at any time on the THC website, 24 hours a day — and before you know it, you’ll have the finest product available in your hands without ever leaving the comfort of home. Tahoe Harvest Collection is a family-owned marijuana dispensary in Tahoe City, CA offering delivery service that takes pride in providing healing and education to both locals and visitors alike. The THC team is ready and able to answer any and all of your questions and help guide you to the best product for your personal needs. Whether you desire flower, tinctures, edibles or topicals, THC has something for everyone.

Cannabis Flower in Tahoe City

When looking for weed in Tahoe City, you want THC – Tahoe Harvest Collection. THC has a high-quality curated collection of the best California cannabis — from manufacturers like Phinest, West Coast Cure, Stiiizy and many others. Whether you are looking for something to get your party started or something to help you wind down after a long day, THC has just what you need. When you want medical or recreational cannabis delivered to you in Tahoe City, think THC — the family-owned marijuana delivery service available seven days a week. If you’re looking for marijuana in Tahoe City, there’s no better choice than THC.
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Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Tahoe City

When looking for a marijuana dispensary in Tahoe City, CA, why not choose the one that comes to you? With indica, sativa and hybrid varieties — in one packs, two packs, three packs and more — Tahoe Harvest Collection has the highest quality marijuana pre-rolls at the best possible prices. You can order 24 hours a day right here on the THC website and have your premium product delivered when you want it, seven days a week, without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. Need some recommendations? THC offers that too. Tahoe Harvest Collection truly has something for everyone. When you want THC, think THC!
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Cannabis Edibles in Tahoe City

When you want something to get you high but need it to be truly delicious as well, Tahoe Harvest Collection has the goodies. Marijuana in the form of gummies and chocolates? Of course. Cannabis cookies? You betcha. But Tahoe Harvest Collection’s ever-expanding menu of the day also includes specialty items like THC-infused pretzels, beef jerky, lemonade and frozen fruit pops. When shopping for marijuana edibles in Tahoe City, Tahoe Harvest Collection is the cannabis delivery service you’ve been craving. Don’t be surprised if our edible menu makes your mouth water.

Cannabis Vape in Tahoe City

Why visit multiple marijuana dispensaries when in Tahoe City, California? Tahoe Harvest Collection can deliver weed in Tahoe City right to your front door. Whatever your vaping needs, THC has just the product for you. With live resin cartridges and disposable vape pens, along with a friendly and educated staff to help guide you, THC delivers all your cannabis desires seven days a week. Whether you want sativa or indica, with high CBD varieties available as well, Tahoe Harvest Collection has the premium product you’re looking for at the best prices. Don’t wait. Place your order now!

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Cannabis Topicals in Tahoe City

Everyone needs a little “me time.” And what better way to relax than indulging in some high-quality self-care with all-natural, full-spectrum marijuana-infused topicals? Whether you’re looking for something to rub on or something to soak in, Tahoe Harvest Collection has just what you need to soothe what ails you. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your house. If you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary in Tahoe City,  CA, THC will come right to you, seven days a week. Not sure what you want? Let us guide you. It is our pleasure and privilege to partner with you on your health and wellness journey.

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Marijuana Smoking Accessories in Tahoe City

If you’re a Tahoe City local or just visiting, you can enjoy the benefit of Tahoe Harvest Collection’s delivery service seven days a week. Whether you are in the market for an inexpensive glass pipe or a truly collectible art piece, THC has you covered. Need a pod battery? Yup. THC has got ‘em. Get everything you need to smoke weed in Tahoe City! Enjoy the freedom of browsing the Tahoe Harvest Collection website at your convenience and then have whatever you choose delivered right to your front door. High quality from a family business that cares. The best in Tahoe City marijuana dispensaries — on wheels!