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tahoe harvest collection premium cannabis delivery

COVID-19 Protection

We take this threat very seriously. Here are our SOPs to protect our customers:

  1. Wear mask and gloves at all times during deliveries.
  2. Wear gloves and dispose in sealed bag after each delivery.
  3. Have alcohol swabs with you at all times to wipe down touch points within delivery vehicle.
  4. Handle cash with gloves and place into sealable container.
  5. View client identification and credit cards with 4-foot extension (picker) to keep minimum 6-foot distance from client.
  6. Cannabis products in containers will be set down with 4ft extension (picker) to keep a minimum 6-foot distance between delivery drivers and valued clients. Clothes are to be cleaned at the end of every shift to prevent contamination.
  7. Never go into the home. All transactions will take place outside of delivery address.
  8. Social distancing requires never touching another individual; no hugs or handshakes.

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