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How to Cure a Weed Hangover

You’ve likely experienced it at least once. That icky feeling in your body after an elevated evening when you consumed a bit too much THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. Perhaps you feel extra tired, sluggish, or maybe you are nursing a headache the day after consuming your favorite cannabis product and don’t understand why. It’s not like you drank alcohol, so what’s with the hangover feeling? It’s called a weed hangover and yes, it’s a thing. If you find yourself in this precarious situation, not to worry! We know how to cure a weed hangover! Let’s explore what is a weed hangover, along with a five-step weed hangover cure that can bring you back to homeostasis.  

What is a Weed Hangover?

While there’s some disagreement on the validity of weed hangovers, there are anecdotal reports that cannabis use can trigger lingering hangover symptoms. Put simply, a weed hangover is when you experience adverse physical experiences the day after consuming cannabis. Very different from traditional alcohol hangovers that harm the liver and can severely dehydrate the body, weed hangovers are said to be far more tolerable with mild symptoms such as: fatigue, headache, dry mouth and eyes, and mild nausea. Depending on one’s tolerance level and other determining factors, the symptoms of a weed hangover will vary. And, while weed hangovers typically go away on their own, there are some tools you can use to speed up the recovery process.

How to Cure a Weed Hangover

  • Water, Water, Water.

Both drinking water and bathing in water can nurse your weed hangover back to homeostasis. While it’s a good idea to drink water before and after consuming cannabis, it is essential after an evening of heavy cannabis consumption. Drinking water re-hydrates your body, helps with dry mouth and eyes, and can soothe a headache. Hopping in a warm or cool shower can also help since a cool shower can improve circulation and wake you up, and a warm shower can open your airways and relieve muscle tension.

  • Rest, Rest, Rest. 

People often feel fatigued after an evening of heavy cannabis consumption. And, when caffeine doesn’t help, sometimes the best thing to do is relax on the couch or sleep a weed hangover off. Your body needs time to recover from over-consumption. If napping isn’t your thing, you can also practice breathing meditations that can calm and soothe the mind and body. Breathing exercises can also regulate blood pressure and lessen inflammation.

  • Eat a Healthy Meal.

Sometimes the best cure for a weed hangover is a nutritious meal. Whether you make a healthy smoothie, a delicious salad or a well balanced meal with lean proteins and healthy fats, a nutrient-rich balanced meal can keep the day after blues away. It’s important to incorporate the five food groups: fruits, grains, veggies, dairy and protein. Food equals mood, after all.

  • Light Up!

While it may sound counterproductive, sometimes the best cure for a hangover is taking a toke, vape, tincture or another micro-dose of your favorite energizing cannabis strain to pep up your step! We’re talking about a small dose of cannabis as a weed hangover cure here. No need to get too elevated again. While you won’t have the toxins to release like with an alcohol hangover, cannabis can reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and give yourself the energy boost needed to face the day when you consume minimally! If the thought of more weed doesn’t do it for you, you can also reach for a non-intoxicating cannabinoid like CBD, which some people swear by as the best weed hangover cure.

  • Reach for a Pain Reliever.

For a persistent headache or body aches, reaching into the medicine cabinet for ibuprofen like Advil or acetaminophen like Tylenol can provide much needed relief. Be sure to drink a full glass of water when taking these over-the-counter medications.

Now you know what is a weed hangover and how to cure a weed hangover, but we hope you don’t have to use these techniques. Tahoe Harvest Collection (THC) is a premium cannabis delivery service based in Truckee, Calif., and serving the North Lake Tahoe region. THC is dedicated to providing top-of-the line medical and recreational products to residents and visitors, with same-day and timely deliveries available. Place your cannabis delivery order today!

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