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Find the Sweet (or Salty) Spot with THC Edibles

We continue on our quest to share with our customers some of our finest products available at THC, especially when it comes to hidden gems of the local cannabis scene in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. One of the items we get a ton of requests for is cannabis edibles. Weed edibles in Truckee and Lake Tahoe are very popular so naturally we have curated quite a selection.

What are Edibles?

Edibles are any kind of food product infused with cannabis compounds. You can find pretty much any type of food in the form of an edible these days (or make it yourself). Cannabis is easily absorbed into oils and butters, which are used to create edibles. At Tahoe Harvest Collection, we seek out edibles made with local California ingredients.

The feeling you get from a cannabis edible is different from the feeling brought on by smoking marijuana. Edibles have more of a physical effect and less of a mental effect on the body. When the cannabis moves through the liver, there are subtle changes in the way the body processes it. The result tends to be a longer-lasting and stronger body high.

Who Buys Edibles?

People new to the cannabis world are often interested in trying edibles. We serve a lot of customers who want to purchase marijuana edibles for an all-day adventure like hiking or for a soothing complete body high to help them get the sleep they need to recover.

With our marijuana edibles for sale in Tahoe, it takes a little longer for the effects to set in, but they tend to last longer and affect the body more than the mind. Add to this the benefit of not having to inhale smoke, and you can see why edibles are in such demand among recreational and medicinal users alike. Eating marijuana edibles may be easier on your lungs, especially for medical patients or those with asthma, etc.

Can I Eat Too Much?

While smoking is the fastest way to feel the effects of cannabis, the effects of eating edibles can take between one to three hours to completely set in because the cannabis needs to be absorbed into the body through the digestive system. Because of this, we always tell our customers to be careful with edibles. Give them time to take effect before eating more. We recommend microdosing, or eating small amounts, of edibles at first so you understand where your own sweet spot is when it comes to consuming weed edibles.

Even if you do eat a bit too much for your own comfort, there are some fairly easy ways to lessen the effects. Drink lots of water and most importantly take a nap. When you wake up, the effects should be less intense.

The Best Cannabis Edibles in Truckee

Now the moment you’ve all been scrolling for… Let’s look at some of our current favs among our selection of weed edibles in Truckee. (But let’s be honest, we love them all.)

Savory Edibles

The honey-mustard cannabis-infused pretzels from Venice Cookies are a great way to enjoy weed edibles in Truckee if you don’t have a big sweet tooth. Sweet edibles tend to be more common than savory edibles. This one is top notch!

A Hidden Gem — Cannabis Drinks

Our strawberry lemonade is a tasty and easy way to drink your cannabis. The bottle and cap are labeled so they can be used to measure how much you drink. Made with healthy products for a non-GMO, organic treat.

Marijuana Chocolates

If you’re looking for small marijuana edibles for sale in Tahoe that you can pop in your mouth on the go or gift to a friend, the Jacobsen Sea Salt Caramels by Serra make an excellent choice. The 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is popular with people who want to feel the effects of marijuana but also survive their day without experiencing brain fog.

Cool Cannabis Edibles

The Matcha Nug Bar won the High Times Best Edible because of its smooth taste without hardly any hint of cannabis flavor. It is available in several different flavors. The whole bar is 100MG, but it’s broken into small bites so you can decide exactly how much you need as you go.

Healthy Edibles

One request we hear a lot is a call for healthier cannabis edibles in Lake Tahoe. People want to feel better, but they don’t want a lot of added sugar and calories. Our Raw Cacao Powder from OM Edibles can be mixed with hot water or milk (even plant-based) for an organic, vegan, gluten-free therapeutic treat.

Where do I get the best cannabis edibles in Lake Tahoe?

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a premium licensed cannabis delivery service based out of Truckee, California. We accept orders 24/7 online and deliver daily in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas from 11 AM to 8 PM. We have a huge stock of cannabis edibles in Lake Tahoe as well as flower, concentrates, oil cartridges, and anything else you might need for your recreational or medicinal cannabis needs. Order from the comfort of your home and get it delivered right to your door.

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