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Tahoe Harvest Collection: Topicals and Bath Products

Our customers in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area love hearing about the new trends in cannabis products straight from us at THC. From flower to oil and capsules, we’ve got cannabis available in every form including CBD bath oil, cannabis bath salts, body oil and other body products in Lake Tahoe.

At Tahoe Harvest Collection, we aim to provide top-of-the-line cannabis products of all kinds to the residents and visitors in the Truckee, California area. If you would like a cannabis or CBD topical product delivered to you, check out our shopping menu to see all of our available products in Truckee and Lake Tahoe: cannabis bath salts, CBD bath oil and other cannabis oil products for the body. We also offer a fine array of cannabis accessories.

Topicals: The Newest Trend in Cannabis

With the popularity of cannabis, we have seen a slew of new, exciting products using cannabis in innovative ways we never dreamed of years ago. We are constantly introducing our customers to the best new products on the market like our CBD bath oil in Truckee and Lake Tahoe. We understand that not everyone wants to smoke cannabis, and some want to incorporate multiple methods of consumption into their daily routines. Interestingly more and more people are becoming interested in  CBD bath oils and cannabis bath salts in Lake Tahoe. Let’s discuss some of the best cannabis topicals available for sale in the Truckee area.  

What are Topicals?

A topical is typically referred to as a medicine or wellness supplement that is applied directly to a part of the body. Lotions, patches, balms, oils and creams are different kinds of topicals. Cannabis-infused topicals add the effective ingredients of cannabis to the benefits of using the topical — localized application and absorption, etc. In the same way that Epsom salts can soothe muscles and essential oils can moisturize the skin, the chemicals extracted from cannabis can have a therapeutic effect on the human body without being ingested.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Topicals?

Many people who seek the benefits of cannabis do not want to affect their lungs so they look for methods of marijuana consumption that do not require smoking. For that reason, topicals are a popular way to introduce cannabis to new users. With topicals, the plant compounds enter the body through the skin, and topicals rarely cause the typical mind-altering effects of marijuana.

Cannabis topicals are commonly used by people who seek relief from physical symptoms but are unwilling to use pharmaceuticals. People who suffer from inflammation or localized pain may benefit from cannabis-infused topicals. Cannabis-infused topicals may also be infused with other essential oils for additional relief.

Just as in other cannabis consumption methods, with topicals, the chemicals in cannabis have been reported to connect to receptors in the human body to ease localized pain, soreness and inflammation. Many experts believe cannabis-infused topicals could be a beneficial treatment for ailments such as headaches and dermatitis, but this is still being explored.

Best Cannabis-Infused Topicals in Lake Tahoe

Some of the most popular cannabis topicals available for delivery in Lake Tahoe are the cannabis bath and body oil and bath salts. People in Truckee and nearby searching for relief from physical pain like muscle soreness and inflammation may benefit from these types of cannabis-infused topicals. Topicals are often the first form of cannabis that people try when easing into and exploring options for medicinal and recreational cannabis products.

The cannabis and lavender Bath and Body Oil from OM Edibles makes an excellent gift for people who already love cannabis as well as people who are new to the world of marijuana. Warm, lavender-scented baths are already pretty soothing, but the therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil can take relaxation to another level. This cannabis bath and body oil is also great for applying directly to the skin. Our local users in Truckee tell us they notice their skin looks and feels very hydrated after using this cannabis topical.

THC in Truckee also offers cannabis bath salts in Truckee in Lavender or Unscented from OM Edibles. Because you tend to relax and unwind while taking a bath, it’s a great place to really lie back and let the cannabinoids soak into the skin. We’ve received great reviews from our local clients in Lake Tahoe who use cannabis topicals to help alleviate muscle soreness. Baths are already a recommended therapy for insomnia, inflammation and a host of other physical problems. Add cannabis to potentially maximize the therapeutic benefits of a hot bath. Cannabis bath salts are available in both lavender and unscented.

Where Do I Get the Best Cannabis Topicals in Lake Tahoe?

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a premium licensed cannabis service based out of Truckee, California. We offer products for both recreational and medicinal users. We accept orders 24/7 online and deliver daily in Truckee, Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas from 11 AM to 8 PM. We have a huge stock of cannabis bath salts and body oil products as well as flower, edibles, concentrates, oil cartridges, CBD oil and anything else you might need while in Truckee. Shop online now!

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