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What is RSO or Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO oil was developed by a Canadian medical marijuana activist named Rick Simpson. This THO dense oil is the earliest version of a concentrated cannabis oil. Originally developed to aid in the treatment of conditions like cancer and epilepsy, now RSO oil is also commonly used for other health issues like asthma, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, even inflammation. So who is Rick Simpson, what is Rick Simpson Oil and how to use Rick Simpson Oil are questions we hear all the time. Keep reading to learn more about RSO and the full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil products available at Tahoe Harvest Collection.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is an activist, author and a self-described “simple man” who stumbled into cannabis icon status after sharing his oil and knowledge of the medicinal value of the cannabis plant with anyone who needed it. Simpson is a former engineer who rediscovered the benefits of cannabis after he experienced a terrible fall while working at a medical facility. Simpson rediscovered the benefits of cannabis when he used a homemade concentrated oil after being diagnosed with skin cancer. Simpson placed droplets of his homemade oil onto a bandaid and then covered the cancerous lesions. When he removed the bandaids four days later, the cancerous lesions had all but disappeared! He knew then he needed to share this knowledge as far and as wide as he could. He realized there was an insurmountable value in not just cannabis, but also a highly concentrated version of the plant. 

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO is highly purified, decarboxylated cannabis oil with a very dense, almost fudge-like  consistency. RSO oil is antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial. According to Rick Simpson’s website, the process includes, “washing the medicinal resins off the bud material with a solvent. The resins that have been removed contain the medicinal cannabinoids needed for healing. Then, after the solvent cannabinoid or oil mix has been filtered and the solvent has been boiled off properly, you are left with the resin in its most medicinal form.” RSO is also easy to make, discrete and odorless, so many choose this method of medicinal cannabis consumption.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

Despite many doctors’ bias and opposition to medicinal cannabis, it is best to consult and inform your physician before using RSO oil. We get asked all the time how to use Rick Simpson Oil. RSO oil can be used topically, vaporized or ingested with food or drinks. RSO oil should be used gradually. For a thorough RSO oil dosing guide, check out Emerald Bay’s dosing information

RSO Products Available at THC

At Tahoe Harvest Collection we carry an array of RSO products by Emerald Bay Extracts. Emerald Bay Extracts was created by a Stanford Oncology and ICU nurse, and it is devoted to producing safe products that are triple-tested and free of pesticides, heavy metals or additives. The only solvent used in their process is food-grade alcohol. Emerald Bay Extracts has developed a proprietary process for creating orally consumed, full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil that can vastly improve the quality of life of people suffering from a myriad of conditions. 

  • Blackberry Sour 1000mg Full Spectrum RSO Tablets. These tasteless tablets by Emerald Bay Extracts are a great way to take precise doses of RSO oil. Blackberry Sour is a sativa dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Black Domina, Raspberry Cough, and Blackberry Kush and delivers an uplifting and energizing experience. The Blackberry Sour Rick Simpson Oil pill is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches or migraines, and chronic stress.
  • Gelato 1000mg RSO Tablets. These Emerald Bay RSO tablets are easy and discreet ways to consume Rick Simpson Oil. Gelato cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato strain provides relaxing effects accompanied by euphoric high. The full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil pill is made with full spectrum THC oil, organic MCT oil, and a tablet mix (microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica dioxide, dicalcium phosphate).
  • Bubba’s Blend CBD 3:1 RSO Tablets. Bubba’s Blend is a 3:1 blend created by Emerald Bay’s happy-go-lucky, Allman Brothers-singing, tye-dye shirt-wearing, lab manager named Bubba. It is a combination of Harle-Tsu combined with Skywalker OG and is grown in Mendocino, California. This potent Rick Simpson Oil pill has a multitude of benefits and boasts double the CBD of THC. Our clients report increased pain relief, better sleep, reduced anxiety and overall better health when using this product.

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a premium cannabis service based in Truckee, California, and serving the North Lake Tahoe region. Dedicated to providing top-of-the line medical and recreational products, like full spectrum Rick Simpson Oil, to residents and visitors, with same-day and timely deliveries available. Now that we’ve answered the “what is Rick Simpson Oil” question, shop now to check out all of our RSO products!

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