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medical & recreational cannabis delivery truckee & south lake tahoe

Why Cannabis Delivery is More Important Now Than Ever

Everyone wants COVID-19 to disappear forever. Businesses across the country and California have been mandated to shut down, and cases of the disease in the state alone are currently at 1,617,081, resulting in 21,481 deaths. The number of COVID-related deaths increased by 1.4 percent from the prior day total of 21,188, as of December 16, 2020. The most consistent advice for assisting with the pandemic’s demise is to stay home as much as possible. Thankfully, we live in a time where it is easier than ever before to lead a relatively normal life while in quarantine. Ordering online and receiving delivery service tops the list on retaining normativity. Our recreational and medical marijuana delivery service in North Lake Tahoe makes it possible to get your cannabis from a dispensary in the areas surrounding Truckee, California.

Benefits of Marijuana Delivery Service in North Lake Tahoe

The benefits of cannabis home delivery are well documented; safety, convenience and privacy all top the list. Today, medical and recreational cannabis delivery are essential in assisting with the demise of the virus. Specifically to the North Lake Tahoe area, utilizing Truckee cannabis delivery dispensary Tahoe Harvest Collection, instead of going out is key to keeping pandemic numbers lower in El Dorado and Nevada counties. The good news for this region is cases are lower than other areas: El Dorado County has recorded 4,018 cases with eight deaths, and Nevada County has recorded 2,070 cases with 30 deaths. Marijuana home delivery can help keep these numbers down.

Organizations tied to the California government also approve of these measures to keep cases down. In an effort to assist the licensed dispensaries of the state facing the unique challenges of a pandemic, a state panel that advises regulators on cannabis sales recommended on December 9th several restrictions be eased to give legal businesses a leg up in the market. The changes recommended by the California Cannabis Advisory Committee in their annual report include lifting the $5,000 limit on the amount of cannabis that can be carried by delivery vans and making it easier for small businesses to sell different products.

Delivery in the Golden State was also boosted in November when a judge threw out a legal challenge to a 2018 policy that allows cannabis products to be delivered anywhere in the state, regardless of local bans on the industry. Fresno County Superior Court Judge Rosemary McGuire sided with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), stating in her ruling: “The regulation states what the BCC, for its purposes, permits. It commands or prohibits nothing of the cities, and therefore is not necessarily in conflict with (state law) … pursuant to which plaintiffs contend they retain authority to regulate and/or ban cannabis delivery within their jurisdictions. The court finds that this matter is not ripe for adjudication, and dismisses the action as to all plaintiffs.”

Delivery During Quarantine

Quarantine is happening now and the future. On December 3rd, Gov. Newsom announced any county which sees free space in local hospitals’ intensive-care units at less than 15% of total capacity, that county must issue a “stay-at-home” order within 24 hours, and must remain in that shutdown status for at least three weeks. This order is the most severe restriction on daily life in California since March’s stay-at-home order and comes with a confusing list of exemptions and exceptions. Dispensaries are included; still considered “essential businesses”, they can remain open, but restrictions do apply such as capacity limitation at 20% and no smoking lounges. Delivery operations remain unaffected.

As a Californian, being able to order cannabis products online, then having them brought to the door is a true privilege, as delivery services are not always available to other states. Throughout the United States, of the areas where either just medical or also recreational cannabis is legal, only a handful are allowed to enjoy the myriad of benefits of cannabis delivery. In Alaska, Illinois, Washington and Washington D.C., no delivery of any cannabis products is permitted by law. In Arizona and Massachusetts, only medical cannabis may be delivered. Michigan has limited delivery allowances, and Colorado does allow delivery of both medical and recreational cannabis but unlike California, delivery is restricted to only those towns which have not opted out of legalization.

Home delivery of cannabis products is a key way to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Tahoe Harvest Collection is the best service for the job for recreational and medical marijuana delivery service in North Lake Tahoe; the team takes safety and health very seriously, enacting a strict eight-step procedure for every delivery. A premium cannabis dispensary service based in Truckee, California, THC is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line medical and recreational products to the people of North Lake Tahoe California, with delivery available to any residence, workplace, hotel, restaurant or any other location on private property.

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