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Cannabis Delivery in Tahoe

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cannabis products do you sell?

We have a wide variety of cannabis products including cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, tinctures, and more. Check out our menu page to choose the best product for your cannabis delivery in Tahoe. We are a Truckee and North Lake Tahoe cannabis dispensary “on wheels.” Shop online from the comfort of your couch and get your order delivered right to your door.

How do I order products from you?

Ordering your cannabis product is as easy as clicking on our menu page and searching for the product you want. Select that product, input your delivery information and leave the rest up to us. We’ll deliver your product right to your location every time. We are a North Lake Tahoe and Truckee dispensary “on wheels.”

What age is required to purchase cannabis in California?

Adults age 21 or over may purchase cannabis with a valid government-issued photo ID.

Adults ages 18-21 may purchase cannabis with a valid government-issued photo ID and a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana.

Does my medical marijuana recommendation exempt me from sales tax?

With a verified government-issued MMIC (Medical Marijuana Identification Card) you are eligible to claim a sales and use tax exemption on all your purchases.

If you already have an MMIC, please contact us directly to activate your exemption.

In accordance with CA State law, a standard medical marijuana recommendation alone will not qualify an individual for a sales and use tax exemption.

Am I required to sign for my delivery?

Yes. You must be present at the time of your cannabis delivery in Tahoe or the surrounding areas to receive your order. You will be required to verify your ID and sign for your package. We cannot deliver your package to anyone who is not listed on the receipt.

How much cannabis can I legally purchase in one day?

Age 21+ (Adult-use)

  • 28.5 grams of cannabis flower (1oz)
  • 8 grams of concentrated cannabis

Age 18+ (Medicinal-use w/verified physicians’ recommendation or MMIC)

  • 228 grams of cannabis flower (8oz)
  • If a medicinal cannabis patient’s valid physician’s recommendation contains a different amount than the limits listed, the medicinal cannabis patient may purchase an amount of medicinal cannabis consistent with the patient’s needs as recommended by a physician and documented in the physician’s recommendation.
Where do you deliver?

We are a North Lake Tahoe and Truckee dispensary “on wheels.” Truckee and North Lake Tahoe cannabis dispensary delivery areas include:

  • Kings Beach
  • Tahoe City
  • Olympic Valley
  • Donner Summit
  • Squaw Ski Resort
  • NorthStar Ski Resort
  • Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
  • Donner Ski Ranch
  • Carnelian Bay
  • Tahoe Vista

New delivery areas coming soon!

What is your minimum order amount?

$60 to $100 depending on delivery area