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how to cure a weed hangover | what is a weed hangover | weed hangover cure

How to Cure a Weed Hangover

You’ve likely experienced it at least once. That icky feeling in your body after an elevated evening when you consumed a bit too much THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. Perhaps...

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rso | what is rick simpson oil | how to use rick simpson oil | rick simpson oil pill | full spectrum rick simpson oil

What is RSO or Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO oil was developed by a Canadian medical marijuana activist named Rick Simpson. This THO dense oil is the earliest version of a concentrated cannabis oil. Originally developed to aid in the treatment...

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types of cannabis products | how to choose weed

Using Cannabis: Types of Cannabis from THC

Legal cannabis continues to flourish in California. This growth has brought a wave of different products for consumers to try. From cannabis-infused beverages to edibles of all kinds, there are more...

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cannabis-friendly hotels | bud and breakfast tahoe

Finding Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in Tahoe

Back in the day, cannabis-friendly travel was limited to states like Washington and Colorado. Now, with many states around the country legalizing, cannbis-friendly hotels are easier than ever to find!...

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holiday gift guide cannabis

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Sometimes you find a perfect store where you pick up a ton of the gifts on your list and wish you just would have started there. This year, start at Tahoe Harvest Collection for your holiday shopping...

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