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6 Fun Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

Many people who are newer to the cannabis world think you can only consume cannabis if you smoke it. However, that is only one of quite a few different ways to get high. Have you ever wondered what is the healthiest way to smoke weed? There are multiple options, but we have narrowed down the list to the six best ways to enjoy cannabis. In no particular order, let’s get started.

  1. Smoke Weed: Best Way to Get High?

Is smoking weed the best way to get high? That’s a matter of opinion. However, it’s safe to say that smoking has been the most popular way to enjoy cannabis. There are many pros and cons to smoking cannabis. For instance, three pros of smoking cannabis include it being a quick way to get high, a way to enjoy the flavors of the cannabis, and the effects of smoking lasting only a few hours.

On the flip side, there are a few cons of smoking cannabis as well. Smoking weed is the most noticeable and smelly way to consume cannabis, some of the beneficial components of cannabis can be removed via the heat of smoking and if you are slightly immunocompromised, smoking is made increasingly more difficult.

  1. Vaping Cannabis: Healthiest Way To Smoke Weed?

Vaping has exploded in the cannabis scene over the last few years. While many also believe this is the healthiest way to smoke weed, that may not be the case. The way vaping works is that the vape heats the cannabis until it is released into the air as a vapor, and then that vapor is inhaled.

Many users of this method recommend it saying it is more discreet than smoking, and it is an efficient and effective way of using little cannabis for a standard high. However, many vapes can be increasingly expensive, and if you do not use a good quality vape, you could be inhaling toxic metals into your lungs. While the long-term effects of vaping are yet to be known, many still believe it is better long-term than smoking raw plant matter and the healthiest way to smoke weed.

  1. Pros and Cons of THC Gummies

THC Edibles and gummies have been around forever, and it’s one of the different ways to get high. But there are pros and cons of THC Gummies too. Edibles in the past have normally been encased in sugary treats, which have made them unappealing to some. However, there have been many THC edible advancements and it can now be added to essentially anything — definitely a plus. Another plus is that edibles are incredibly discreet compared to smoking or vaping, and it can have strong and long-lasting impacts.

There are a few cons to consuming edible cannabis. THC Gummies generally take longer to absorb and feel their effects, so it’s easy to over-indulge and potentially suffer consequences later. Finally, some believe a tolerance for THC Gummies should be built up to experience a proper cannabis ‘high’.

  1. Cannabis Tinctures: Healthiest Way to Get High?

How can cannabis tinctures be used to enjoy cannabis? A tincture is a concentrated extract of the cannabis flower and is a different way to get high. Pros of using tinctures to enjoy cannabis include being extremely precise with the dosage and discreet with consumption. Additionally, it is very versatile and also considered the healthiest way to get high.

Cons of using tinctures include the potential for a badly mixed tincture that contains harmful chemicals or an incorrect dosage of cannabis, as well as the effect can be too strong for some users. Start slow with dosing and work your way up to the optimal amount.

  1. Cannabis Topicals

Topicals, contrary to some belief, are not exactly one of the different ways to get high. Topicals include creams or lotions commonly used for conditions like eczema or acne. The topicals do not actually produce a psychoactive effect and are generally used for skin issues and localized pain. Most topicals take a long time to absorb into the skin, but users claim they are highly effective.

  1. Cannabis Supplements

Cannabis supplements are one of the favorable different ways to enjoy cannabis and get high. Supplements are well known for being able to elicit exact dosages of cannabis and are incredibly easy to use. There are even options available for a slow-release pill, as opposed to one that is fast-acting. If you are already on a high-pill regimen, adding another pill to enjoy cannabis could be a con to usage, or maybe it just becomes part of your routine. Additionally, there is a generally unknown absorption rate of cannabis pills due to the acid and other enzymes in the stomach.

Different Ways to Get High and Enjoy Cannabis!

There are countless ways to enjoy cannabis. No matter your chosen method to consume, THC has a cannabis product for you! If you are unsure which method would be best for you and your specific needs, reach out to Tahoe Harvest Collection today. THC is a cannabis delivery service that provides top-of-the-line medical and recreational products to residents and visitors in the North Lake Tahoe region. We are more than happy to answer your questions and deliver your dispensary order right to your door!

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