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Can California Dispensaries Ship Cannabis?

There are many reasons people consider shipping cannabis, such as gifts for friends, curiosity about a specific shop or to minimize hassle while traveling. Similarly, there are many questions around this act: Can dispensaries ship out of state? Specifically, can California dispensaries ship out of state? Will dispensaries deliver? Where are dispensaries with free delivery? In light of these very common questions, let’s jump right into the rules around cannabis shipping, plus some tips for delivery ordering.

Can California dispensaries ship out of state? In state?

First and foremost, in California, dispensaries are legally allowed to ship within their state. It is, however, important to note not all dispensaries offer shipping as an option. When it comes to California dispensaries shipping products outside of the state, the answer is becoming a bit hazy but still remains negative. Still considered a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis caught being mailed can lead to a federal charge and possibly state charges as well for both the shipper and the receiver. This is due to the fact shipping cannabis over state lines deems packages to be interstate commerce, and therefore, under the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as interstate trafficking. This applies to cannabis in all forms, including flower, edibles, oils, vape cartridges and pet products. Even shipping between two neighboring states where both medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal is deemed unlawful.

Related and worth mentioning on this topic are shipping of hemp plants and CBD products. Mailing raw hemp plants is allowed for pre-approved individuals and companies within the United States, and the United States Postal Service is able to accept any product made from hemp and any CBD product made from hemp that contains under 0.3% THC, based on state and federal laws. The shipper is responsible for ensuring compliance, i.e., current research at time of shipping of the Food, Drugs, & Cosmetics Act. Additionally, CBD and its mailed form must be legal in the place of origin as well the destination.

Will dispensaries deliver?

While the guidelines are constantly evolving, it’s no wonder we are frequently asked will dispensaries deliver. Delivery services remain the most concrete option. It provides the convenience of online shopping and speedy carriage right to your door, while staying within the clear confines of the law. As it stands in California, customers must be 18 years old with a physician’s recommendation for medicinal use or 21 years old for recreational use. A valid ID is necessary for age verification upon delivery, and minors may not be present during a purchase drop-off.

Optimize your online cannabis ordering experience

Here are five helpful tips to optimize the online cannabis ordering experience:

  1. Order from a licensed service associated with licensed dispensaries

Reduce unnecessary stress and paranoia by ordering from a delivery service and dispensary licensed in the state of California. This not only ensures legal compliance but also safeguards against untested and unsafe products.

  1. Take advantage of online tracking when available

Tracking is helpful in two ways: first, when ordering, as most states have purchase limits. Cart amounts that are automatically calculated are the most helpful in maintaining compliance. Second, the ability to track an order once it is placed is helpful for time management, which benefits both the customer and the delivery driver.

  1. Easily-contacted service is key

Having a clear, quick way to contact the supply company is important for answering questions and resolving any issues that may arise. For example, Tahoe Harvest Collection can be reached by email, phone or social media.

  1. Check the order when received

If possible, check the order while the delivery person is still onsite. If not, go inside and check its content. The sooner mistakes are identified, the sooner they can be fixed. Be understanding of errors and polite when reaching out for best results.

  1. Tip the driver

A legally allowed practice, most cannabis delivery drivers experience a wide range when it comes to gratuity, although many receive nothing at all for their time. Suggested driver tips range from $5 to $15 per stop, while some customers prefer to tip based on percentage up to 20%. Cash is always best when tipping.

Cannabis delivery in North Lake Tahoe

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