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Union Mills Cannabis

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Just six miles below Truckee, and across the river from Flycaster’s, lies Union Mills, CA, home of the almost-famous Union Mills cannabis and Union Mills weed. Whether you are a local resident or just visiting the Tahoe area, if you are looking for cannabis in Union Mills, Tahoe Harvest Collection has everything you need at the best possible prices. Stop searching for a dispensary near Union Mills — we can deliver it right to you!

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a family business, whose goal is to help you navigate the wonderful world of cannabis and all the benefits it has to offer. You can place an order on our website 24 hours a day, at your convenience, and take advantage of 7-day a week deliveries from 11 am to 8 pm. You can choose from a carefully curated menu that includes everything from cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vape, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more, all from the best local manufacturers. Need help choosing what is best for your needs? THC not only has the best products but customer service that is second to none. Quality, affordability, and convenience; when you want the best cannabis in Union Mills you need look no further than Tahoe Harvest Collection. Contact Tahoe Harvest Collection today.

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Cannabis Flower in Union Mills

Looking for a dispensary in Union Mills, but don’t want to have to drive from place to place just to end up with something overpriced and of substandard quality? Check out the menu at Tahoe Harvest Collection. THC is the family-owned and operated “dispensary on wheels,” and carries a wide array of indica, sativa, and hybrid Union Mills weed strains of cannabis flower from names you can trust like Up North, Stiiizy, Jungle Boys and Phinest. All the best buds at all the best prices can be delivered to you with just a click. We have premium quality medicinal and recreational marijuana at its most convenient from helpful employees who want to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with your entire experience. For Union Mills THC, think THC: Tahoe Harvest Collection.

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Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Union Mills

When you’re running around and enjoying all the adventures that Tahoe has to offer, you don’t want to stop what you’re doing to hunt for a dispensary near Union Mills. And you don’t have to. Just visit the Tahoe Harvest Collection website any time, day or night, and place a delivery order for Union Mills weed pre-rolls to take with you wherever life may lead. You can get a multi-pack of your favorite, or mix-and-match strains from some of the best local manufacturers around, like Heavy Hitters, Connected, Lift Tickets, or Mendo. Don’t know which to choose? Our educated and experienced staff would love to help you decide. With delivery offered 7 days a week, and prices that will wow you, why go anywhere else? THC for your THC: choose Tahoe Harvest Collection for all your Union Mills cannabis needs.

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Cannabis Concentrates in Union Mills

Looking for cannabis concentrate in Union Mills? Look no farther than Tahoe Harvest Collection. From local manufacturers like Alien Labs, Kali Gold, Loud Pack, and Globs, Tahoe Harvest Collection can bring you all the concentrate you need to take your party up a notch. Scratching your head trying to figure out whether you want live resin, badder, shatter, or bubble hash? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Tahoe Harvest Collection can guide you to the perfect product because happy customers and 100% satisfaction are our goal. Just click and, before you know it, you’ll have high-quality concentrate delivered right to you at prices better than what you’ll find at the local brick & mortar dispensaries. Check out the menu at Tahoe Harvest Collection today!

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Cannabis Edibles in Union Mills

Whether you want to start your day off right, relax before bed, or anything and everything in between; when you’d like to munch out while getting your high on, Tahoe Harvest Collection has the cannabis edibles to make your taste buds happy and your pocketbook smile. With cannabis cookies, chocolates, gummies, and even corn nuts, the menu at Tahoe Harvest Collection is chock full of goodies from top of the line companies like Binske, Kahna, Higher, and Wyld. You can delight in a taste sensation that will also provide a premium buzz, and the best part is that all the delicious options come directly to you when you place an online order from the THC website. Simple, delicious, and convenient; you can get everything you want and more when you choose Tahoe Harvest Collection, the Union Mills dispensary on wheels.

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Cannabis Topicals in Union Mills

So you had a blast making the most of your visit to Sugar Bowl, Palisades Tahoe, or Northstar California Resort? But now you’re back in Union Mills and feeling a bit exhausted and sore. Not to worry! There’s Tahoe Harvest Collection to the rescue! You don’t have to move from the comfort of your bed or couch to place an online order from Tahoe Harvest Collection and have healing and relaxation delivered right to you. With things to soak in or to rub on, whatever is tired and hurting can be relieved with one of THC’s high-quality cannabis topicals. No need to suffer when Tahoe Harvest Collection can help soothe what ails you. Say ooooh to the pricing and ahhhh to the relief when you order from the best Union Mills online dispensary today: Tahoe Harvest Collection.