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The Top 3 Reasons California Cannabis Delivery Will Survive After the Pandemic

With the pandemic still going strong in many states across the country, everyone has started to adapt to a new way of life. Not only does that mean more social distancing and more time at home, but it also means a new way to do business. Sure, Amazon and other delivery services have really taken off in the pandemic, but even businesses you wouldn’t think to have delivery services have adapted and thrived.  The cannabis industry, especially in California, is one of those industries that is just now starting to relish in the genius of offering delivery services and adapting to life through the ending of the pandemic and beyond. We know that California cannabis delivery service business are sticking around… why? Because we’re right at the forefront! 

1. Legalization of Cannabis

Slowly but surely, cannabis has been becoming legalized in many forms throughout the United States. As legalization continues, cannabis will become more readily available. As cannabis becomes more readily available, cannabis consumers will continue to ask for the ease and simplicity of cannabis delivery services. 

Not only has legalizing cannabis been in the works for a long time, it took a huge victory in the polls in 2020. Over a third of the entire country now lives in a cannabis-positive state, or one that allows for the legalization of recreational cannabis. 

With the availability of cannabis having grown leaps and bounds essentially overnight during this election, cannabis consumers have grown accustomed to having their newly legalized pastime arrive at their door. Additionally, it seems as though having the cannabis delivery service as a purchasing option has led to increasingly large purchases of cannabis, which appeals to both cannabis consumers and retailers. 

Along this same note, it is projected that the cannabis industry alone will surpass well over $100 billion dollars in revenue by 2024. That is almost a 200% increase year over year from 2019. 

2. Shifting Shopping Experience

If you can remember back to a pre-Covid era, there were many more shops open, people were out and about in the California sunshine, concerts and large gatherings were commonplace. Now, in the Covid era, many people are stuck inside, social distancing and generally avoiding anyone outside of their immediate family. 

With such a drastic change in lifestyles, businesses had to adapt – fast. The majority of businesses, cannabis businesses included, opted to up their delivery methods. In California, cannabis delivery service laws were even enacted in early 2021 to ensure the safe and legal delivery distribution of cannabis. While you cannot ship cannabis via USPS, cannabis delivery services started sprouting up all over the state of California. 

Likewise, many cannabis delivery services saw incredibly increased profits and order sizes during the pandemic and even now. According to a recent article, one cannabis delivery service saw an increase of 700% in their online orders as well as a 32% increase in order sizes. With numbers like this for only one cannabis delivery service company, it is safe to say that different California cannabis delivery is a vastly growing industry that will not be stopped any time soon. 

3. More Diversification 

Diversification of products online is nothing new to the consumer, but it is a nice little treat for those that are looking for a California cannabis delivery service. Throughout the pandemic, cannabis companies were able to produce more items and place them online for their customers to buy. Being able to have these items housed in multiple locations and not having the pressures of a brick and mortar business to stock, has exploded the cannabis delivery services around the country. 

The allure to the consumers of cannabis delivery services is not only that they don’t have to leave their couch to get the goods, but the new and exciting products to try. Cutting down on brick-and-mortar store costs has allowed cannabis producers to become more adventurous when creating cannabis products. This has caused an increase in not only customer curiosity but customer demand. The cannabis companies are excited for the challenge of creating new products and the reality that their profits are skyrocketing consistently month over month.

California Cannabis Delivery is Here to Stay

The profitability for companies alongside the ease for customers is a winning combination to ensure that the cannabis delivery services around the country are not going to stop anytime soon. In fact, there are countless other types of businesses that are experiencing the same success with home delivery services. Regardless of when the pandemic is over and life goes back to a new normal, cannabis delivery services like Tahoe Harvest Collection will still be growing.


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