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5 Reasons You Should Choose Delivery Over a Dispensary

Cannabis businesses everywhere have had to get creative while adapting to the still-raging public health crisis called COVID-19. From social distancing, mask requirement precautions and curbside pick up at dispensaries, to medicinal and recreational cannabis delivery services, cannabis businesses have had to make adjustments. As a South Lake Tahoe cannabis dispensary with delivery service, at Tahoe Harvest Collection (THC) has chosen to adopt strict Standard-Operating Procedures (SOP) in response to COVID-19 for our delivery services. Businesses are bending to meet the needs of patients, consumers and sadly, this troublesome pandemic. 

Check out the top 5 reasons you should choose a delivery service over visiting a dispensary and support cannabis delivery services like THC who put and keep customer’s safety first during such a scary time during human history.  


Following the news at all these days? It’s hard not to. Between the pandemic and all the political unrest here in the United States, it seems plain safer to order your bud from a reliable medical or recreational delivery service! Plus, while the CDC may not be recommending “shelter in place” orders, it can feel far safer to stay at home during this alarming and still highly dangerous pandemic. The numbers of COVID cases are surging, again; crossing the one-millionth diagnosed case here in the US number recently! It’s just not safe to be out in public. Period. Allowing dispensaries with SOP dedicated to your safety to handle and deliver your bud is the safest decision to defend against potentially becoming infected with COVID-19. 


Admit it! Ordering your medicinal or recreational cannabis whilst on your couch, in your pajamas, potentially eating popcorn doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, does it? Convenience has become essential in the year of COVID meets election meets mass political and environmental crises. 

Plus, sometimes it’s just nicer to order your needed goods from a delivery service. Cannabis should be no different, am I right? A BDS Analytics report even lists convenience as a top 2019 trend amongst cannabis consumers. This was pre-COVID. It’s even more convenient to order from a cannabis delivery service nowadays. 


For many cannabis consumers, privacy is still a critical factor. Not everyone is as proud to wave their green flag high. We get it! Some of us are more open about our consumption of recreational and medicinal cannabis than others and that’s totally okay! If you choose to use a medicinal and recreational cannabis delivery service, you can keep your consumption of cannabis to the privacy of your own home or office. You know, on your break or after work. Definitely not on the clock.


Politics aside, legalized cannabis was a big winner in this last election! Now, Americans from 15 States can celebrate having access to legal, yet differently regulated cannabis. Despite the big wins at the polls, the plant can still be inaccessible to many Americans. If you’re not a California, Colorado, Oregon or Las Vegas resident, you’re probably not privileged to have cannabis dispensaries on every corner, after all. 

Consumers in some states still have to travel many miles to access their newly regulated cannabis, even in legalized states. If you have medicinal and recreational delivery services available to you, jump on it! What’s better than fresh bud delivered to your doorstep? Not much. Especially when access is an issue. 

Avoiding Stoned Driving

While this one goes without saying and seems self-explanatory, it is our duty to remind readers that it remains illegal to drive while under the influence of medicinal or recreational cannabis in any US State. Big period here. 

If you heavily rely upon cannabis and find that you consume daily, it’s probably best to order your medicinal or recreational cannabis from a reputable delivery service. Don’t be that guy. Don’t drive high. 

We’ve listed the top 5 reasons to choose a delivery service over visiting a dispensary in-person. 

What about you? What’s most important to you in purchasing cannabis during the times that we now find ourselves in? Drop answers in the comments and be sure to check out South Lake Tahoe’s dispensary and cannabis delivery service at Tahoe Harvest Collection (THC).

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