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tahoe weed company with dispensary delivery

Looking for the Best Tahoe Weed Company? Don’t Leave Your House!

Immersing the senses in the sweeping views and crystalline waters of Tahoe becomes even more enjoyable with the addition of some good weed. Better yet, the folks in Truckee and North Tahoe don’t even have to leave their homes to enjoy a cool buzz and the summer breeze. These days, Tahoe weed company, Tahoe Harvest Collection, will deliver directly to their doors. A premium cannabis delivery service based in Truckee, California, Tahoe Harvest Collection, or THC, is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line medical/recreational products to the people of Northern Tahoe California the easiest way possible – through dispensary delivery in Tahoe. 

Best Tahoe Weed Company With Dispensary Delivery

This “dispensary on wheels” is open every day from 11AM to 8PM and accepts orders 24 hours per day. A father and son team, Tahoe Harvest Collection is a family partnership bringing the finest medical and recreational cannabis products to the Tahoe community. The founders understand and appreciate the healing powers of cannabis and seek to provide our customers an elevated experience by making the accessibility of recreational or medicinal marijuana easier for those in the Truckee/ North Lake Tahoe area. 

There are some obvious benefits to using a weed delivery service over visiting a dispensary. Of course, convenience is a major factor. Look online, pick products, fill out payment information and BAM! Quality cannabis has arrived. Privacy seconds convenience. Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis, some people may still be wary of the stigma and hesitant to go out publicly to purchase their products. Using a delivery service negates this concern and keeps customers’ identities covered – no prying eyes or nosy passersby. Delivery services also operate with lower overall costs, making products more affordable than typical dispensary pricing. 

As long-time residents with solid roots in the communities of Truckee and North Lake Tahoe area, the founders of THC seek to make living in and visiting the Tahoe area as enjoyable as possible. There’s so much to experience in Truckee and Tahoe – the natural beauty, shopping, 

great restaurants and a wide variety of recreational opportunities — from skiing, snowboarding, golfing, biking, hiking, boating and sunsets and more. After a long day – with potentially sore muscles, buying some weed using a dispensary delivery service might be just the thing needed. THC’s expertise in the cannabis industry is evident through our selection of offerings. Some of the best locally produced cannabis grown by mid-to-small size farmers are featured on our site. This is all part of our commitment to providing customers with the best products that the region has to offer. 

Endless Options

Tahoe Harvest Collection offers a variety of product options spanning categories. From whole flower to pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, accessories and more. Looking for a snack that will get you lifted? Look no further – there are brownies, cookies, rice crispies and lemonades. Rather go for something quick and easy? No problem. There are over 20 varieties of

pre-rolled joints and even more vape cartridges. Just a dab will do? Live resins are plentiful. Himalayan Kush mineral bath to soak aching muscles after a long hike or day on the lake? THC’s got it! Whatever cannabis product you’re looking for, it’s likely that Tahoe Harvest Collection has something that will tickle your fancy. 

THC’s goal is to help our customers navigate the world of cannabis while simultaneously breaking down the stigma surrounding cannabis. When a customer makes a purchase through Tahoe Harvest Collection, the product is delivered directly to their door where they will have the opportunity to speak with THC’s staff about weed delivery needs and the products they are using. This personalized approach ensures that all Tahoe Harvest Collection customers are 100% satisfied with their experience. Whether it’s product recommendations, suggestions or general questions and concerns, Tahoe Harvest Collection has got our customers covered.

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