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cannabis and wildfires

Will Wildfires Impact the Availability and Quality of Legal Cannabis

California is no stranger to the devastating impacts of wildfires, but with more legal cannabis markets cropping up around the state, there are fears that the increasingly damaging wildfires will have an impact on these markets. Cannabis and wildfires are never a good combination because of the devastating impact these fires can have not only on a local market but on the entire cannabis supply chain. When the fires impact a growth or distribution area, they have the potential to halt the market throughout the state. 

Impact on the Industry 

In an industry that is as booming as cannabis is in California, any disruption in the supply chain could have negative effects on the market. As farmers face the possibility of losing their crops to wildfires, dispensaries are bracing for a shortage of cannabis, and unlike the toilet paper crisis of 2020, this one may not be as easy to solve. Not only will cannabis customers face the possibility of not being able to get their favorite strains sourced from their favorite places, but may also want to prepare for prices to increase. 


As a dispensary in an area affected by wildfires, Tahoe Harvest Collection is working to maintain access to quality dispensary products at reasonable prices. This, however, is also an excellent time for residents to take advantage of the California GYO law and pick up some of the best seeds around. 

Quality of Cannabis Affected by Wildfires 

During the fires in 2020, wineries that were already feeling the crunch of the pandemic-related economic downfall were again knocked down by the fires. As if losing crops to fire wasn’t bad enough, farmers also had to contend with grapes that were damaged due to smoke. They turned what would have been trashed grapes into smoky wines that sold out quickly because of their uniqueness. While the qualify of the wine was greatly impacted, farmers were able to use a novelty like wildfire smoke to keep the product from being a total loss. Cannabis may have the opportunity to do the same as the 2021 fire season rages on. The fires will surely impact the qualify of cannabis and it is likely that farmers impacted by the fires will lose crops, but these cannabis professionals may also be able to spin the smoke in a new way. Of course, the effects of smoke on terpenes and the chemical makeup of plants will be taken into consideration.

Testing of Cannabis Impacted by Wildfires

As more and more acres are being consumed by wildfires daily in California, it’s important for cannabis professionals to be clear about the impacts these fires will have on their products. Testing is already essential for cannabis companies, but will need to also continue to include tests to determine the impact of fires on cannabis products. Growers, cultivators and every business in the cannabis supply chain will be looking out for cannabis that’s impacted by the fires. 

Using Cannabis During Wildfires

You’ve already determined your weed is safe and you’re ready to get your daily dose of relaxation from the negative impacts of cannabis, but is it possible to do so during wildfires? Of course! Wildfires should not affect your cannabis experience, but there are a few things that you’ll need to consider when using cannabis around a wild-fire-prone area. 

  • Try to smoke cannabis inside when possible or around highly flammable dry grass.
  • Always extinguish your pre-rolls (double-check ‘em – we’ve all left a roach burning at least once or twice) 
  • Don’t litter any of your burning cannabis products 
  • If you’re in an area that has a lot of smoke, switching to an edible product might be easier on the lungs until you’re in less smoky conditions 

Don’t let wildfires ruin your cannabis experience. Use our convenient, safe and fast delivery service to have all your faves delivered right to your door. And stay safe out there! 

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