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tourist things to do in tahoe

Visit Tahoe Safely: Socially Distanced Things to Do

While heading out to huge cities might still seem a little risky in light of the ongoing pandemic, tourist towns around the country are welcoming visitors with open arms. Lake Tahoe encourages visitors to come if they’re doing it safely and we’ve got some great tips for those who want to continue socially distancing while they’re visiting Tahoe. There are plenty of things to do in Tahoe for tourists and visitors alike! Visit Tahoe today.

Fishing, Biking and Other Outdoors Activities 

From world-class fishing to world-class skiing, there’s something for everyone who needs a taste of the outdoors during their visit to Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re a fisher or you’re more into mountain biking, hiking or even taking a hot air balloon ride, you can definitely socially distance in the great outdoors. You’ll be able to have a great time and get a taste for what Lake Tahoe is really like when you visit the city and take in the outdoors scene. 

Pro Tip: Come to Tahoe during different times of the year. Even if you’ve been before in the summer months, it’s a totally different experience when you come during the colder months. No matter which month you’re coming in, you’ll always find something new and exciting in the great outdoors of Tahoe! 

Enjoy the Local Cannabis Delivery Scene 

After a hard day on the trails, the lake or the slopes, the last thing that you want to have to do is drive back into town to unwind and relax with your weed. The great thing about Tahoe is that we’re here! Tahoe Harvest Collection is a dispensary delivery service providing delivery to visitors and locals in Lake Tahoe. We have a huge selection of products from bud to joints, vape juice, edibles and even topicals. Explore our selection and find out more about each of our amazing products here. (All available for delivery, of course). 

Our delivery drivers are trained in social distancing and safety protocols to ensure the cleanest, safest experience when getting your cannabis delivered in Tahoe and the surrounding areas. 

Water Activities 

How could you come to a place renowned for its lake (it is in the name, after all) and not take some time to enjoy the water. Whether you’re enjoying the refreshingly chilly lake in the hot summer months, paddling around in the fall months or going on a one-of-a-kind cruise, you’ve got to check out all the fun lake activities in Lake Tahoe. Even if you don’t plan on spending a ton of time at the lake, you won’t be able to resist it once you see the crystal clear water so make sure you pack your suit! 

Local Shops 

While shopping might not be as socially distanced as some of the other activities on this list, it’s generally pretty easy to avoid huge throngs of people especially if you visit Tahoe during the off months. Walking around the downtown areas is a great way to get a sense of the city and enjoy everything that the beautiful area has to offer. Check out local restaurants, shops and more when you’re exploring the downtown area. 


Year after year, wildfires rip through the area causing damage to hundreds of businesses and turning the lives’ of the locals upside down. While the fires might not hit Lake Tahoe every year, you can be sure that they’ve had an impact on towns nearby. While fire cleanup really isn’t a draw for tourists to Tahoe, it can be incredibly helpful for towns trying to build themselves back up to get tourists coming in and breathing new life back into their businesses. When you’re visiting Tahoe, it’s a great idea to head over to a nearby town affected by wildfires and support the local businesses. 

Keep fire safety in mind when you’re visiting Tahoe and the surrounding towns. Smoke smartly and safely by not discarding your roaches or flicking ashes outside. In fact, smoking inside can be helpful when you’re trying to avoid ashing everywhere. Additionally, take all precautions when visiting towns that have been impacted by wildfires. 

Tahoe Harvest Collection is the spot for Tahoe tourists to get their cannabis delivered. We deliver to most of the major resorts in the area and can usually come right to your hotel with your products. Now that you know the best things to do in Tahoe, you can visit Tahoe, enjoy everything we have to offer and get your cannabis products! Shop now! 

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