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how to grow your own cannabis seeds

Grow Your Own Cannabis with Seeds from Tahoe Harvest Collection

As a cannabis delivery company in a grow-your-own state, we understand that you want to learn how to grow your own cannabis seeds. We get a lot of questions from people who want to grow their own cannabis and aren’t sure where to begin. We love helping people get started on the exciting adventure of growing their own medicine. We say it’s an adventure because there will be a lot of twists and turns and learning opportunities along the way.

If you have a green thumb and a lot of patience, we can help you choose the right seeds so you can grow the perfect medicine for your needs. We can even deliver these cannabis seeds directly to your door.

Because of its prohibition, getting cannabis has been very complicated for many years. Even now when it’s legal in some capacity in most states, procuring cannabis requires cutting through a lot of red tape. Growing it in your own home would remove a lot of the hassle of using cannabis regularly. 

How hard is it to grow cannabis?

You could toss a few seeds in the dirt and probably get a pot plant. However, if you want to harvest to the trichome-loaded, dense buds you’ve been getting from the dispensary, you need to learn a bit about gardening and get ready to tend to your plants every day for about five months — that’s a rough estimate of how long it will take you from planting seeds to smoking buds.

If you ever wonder why you pay so much for a plant, once you grow your own, you will be much more appreciative of the team of people required to produce cannabis in mass quantities.

Are there different ways to grow cannabis?

Absolutely! You can grow indoors or outdoors (depending on your climate). You can grow the old-fashioned way in soil or you can experiment with hydroponics, a system for growing in water. Hydroponic growth methods are more complicated and require greater attention, but they also produce cannabis flowers faster than soil.

How do I know what strain I’m growing?

When you purchase seeds from Tahoe Harvest Collection, you know exactly what kind of flower you will harvest. We make sure you are getting a healthy seed for the specific strain you want. As long as you follow all of the best practices for growing, you will harvest the cannabis strain you wanted with all of the usual physical and/or psychoactive effects you’re used to.  

Buying cannabis seeds from Tahoe Harvest Collection means you are getting seeds cultivated from prize-winning, happy plants. Yes, Happy! We love our plants! You will see that love reflected in the quality of our products. We will provide you with a seed containing the beginnings of an impressive plant. 

How do I grow my own cannabis?

Germinate the seed. Plant it in the medium of your choice. Tend to it daily for the next few months. Growing cannabis is not much different from growing tomatoes or anything else. If you use quality soil, clean water and the correct fertilizers, and you get the correct lighting system in place, your grow-your-own cannabis will be (almost) as good as ours.

How can I learn more about growing cannabis from seeds?

There are a ton of books and videos on the art of growing cannabis. If you choose to grow your own, you will learn that it is indeed an art. Do the best you can and learn as much as you can from the info out there. The professionals at Tahoe Harvest Collection can answer your more specific questions as they arise.

Be patient. Each time you encounter an obstacle in the growing process, start researching, ask questions. Learn the process as you grow and you will find that the quality of your plants will increase over time. Every harvest is better than the last.

We Deliver Cannabis Seeds So You Can GYO in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe

Don’t feel like goin’ out, but still want to learn how to grow your own cannabis seeds? 

We understand! That’s why we help you find the best seeds and then deliver them to your door. 

Tahoe Harvest Collection is a premium licensed cannabis service based out of Truckee, California. We accept orders 24/7 online and deliver daily in Truckee, Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas from 11 AM to 8 PM. We have a huge stock of cannabis products for all of your needs. 

Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and help you find the perfect cannabis product. And you don’t even have to leave your home. Tahoe Harvest Collection delivers cannabis products, including seeds, in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. 

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