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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Sometimes you find a perfect store where you pick up a ton of the gifts on your list and wish you just would have started there. This year, start at Tahoe Harvest Collection for your holiday shopping and get your loved ones what they really want: a cannabis Christmas! While cannabis might not be the traditional Christmas gift to leave someone under the tree, we guarantee anyone who receives these holiday cannabis gifts from California’s THC will be more than thrilled. 

THC has stocked the shelves full of delightful flowers, lotions and potions that will make everyone on your list feel better. Read on to learn about some of this season’s best gifts for old pros as well as friends and family who’ve never tried cannabis products. If you’re looking for California cannabis gifts,we’ve got something for everyone, including you.

Best holiday cannabis gifts for people Who Want Relief

  • Fruit Popsicles Assorted 10 Pack (1:1) from Nug are perfect because they can be consumed in lots of different ways. Freeze them, drink them or mix them into another drink for a fruity concoction. This quick-working edible uses both THC and CBD for a full body and head effect.

Most Helpful Gifts for People Who Need a Little More Help

  • Concentrates often work well for people who require high doses and this makes one of the best California cannabis gifts. Try the OG Kush Full Spectrum RSO Tablets from Emerald Bay Extracts. These easy-to-swallow tablets are one of the easiest ways to medicate with cannabis. 
  • For muscle pain, try Lion Balm Topical Rub-On from OM Edibles. Easy to apply, topicals are best for treating localized pain.

Top holiday cannabis gifts for people who love self-care

  • Want something that tastes sweet and makes you feel even sweeter? White Chocolate Birthday Cake Bar from Dixie is a double treat because it tastes like a vanilla cake with sprinkles, but also comes with a nice mild dose of THC per piece.
  • Himalayan Kush Mineral Bath Salt from OM Edibles adds a blend of minerals and essential oils to your bath to create a soothing experience that melts muscle pain and makes you feel like you’ve spent the day at a spa.

Great gifts for people who need a boost

  • Moonbow Smalls from Archive have a hashy aroma and flavor, a high THC percentage and high levels of terpenes that zap stress and mellow out even the most high-strung souls. Great for someone who could really use a nice break. 

Cool Gifts for Your Friends that Already Love THC

  • Grab an ounce of Wedding Cake flower from Almora. With this super-high THC percentage, your stoner friends will be wondering if you took a class or something.
  • Marijuana connoisseurs will also love Ivory flower from Fig Farms. This hybrid is a lovely treat of dense, frosty buds perfect for a Christmas evening.

Entry-Level Gifts for People Who’ve Never Tried THC

  • The quintessential image of cannabis for people without experience is the pre-rolled joint. Hook up your friends up with a Berry Pie (1gm) Pre-roll from Cookies for a nice mellow high and a blueberry taste.
  • Biskante X Sherbacio Live Resin Cartridge from Alien Labs tastes like Christmas cookies and leaves users feeling calm and content.

Nice Cannabis Christmas Gifts for People Who Like to Smoke and Get Active

  • Red Velvet Cookies from Dr.Norm’s are fun and yummy cookies that also supply a nice body high to help you feel a little lighter as you go about your business. CBD Cannabis Quenchers are available in several tropical flavors. The mix of CBD and THC come together to soothe muscles and take the euphoria level to new heights. Pack the Quenchers and the cookies in a cute picnic basket for the perfect hike break.

Gifts for People Who Like to Smoke and Get Busy

  • Many people tell of the intense enjoyment they get from mixing cannabis and romantic endeavors. Yes, for some, cannabis gifts will serve as an aphrodisiac. Give your true love a Sex On The Beach Pre-Roll from Phinest and a shoulder massage with Full Spectrum Canna Salve from Mendo Mountain.

We also offer an incredible gift box that makes the perfect gift for just about anyone. It includes a little bit of everything. The Getaway Kit straight from Tahoe Harvest Collection is one of our best sellers.

If you want some more advice or to get specific suggestions for your needs, read the information on our website or give us a call. We accept orders 24/7 and deliver products throughout Truckee and North Lake Tahoe daily starting at 11:00 am. Get your holiday orders in as early as possible.

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